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Hall of Honor nominations are due by August 20, 2018

August 16, 2018 - The 2018 Center High School Homecoming weekend is Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22nd.

CHS Homecoming Pep Rally will be Friday, September 21 at 3pm in the CHS Gym.

CHS Homecoming Game will be Friday, September 21 at 7:30pm vs. Henderson.

CHS Annual Alumni Association Meeting will be Saturday, September 22 at the Windham Civic Center. Doors open 9am, meeting is from 10-11am. Hall of Honor Award will be presented during the meeting. **Hall of Honor nominations are due by August 20, 2018! For more information, a Hall of Honor nomination form, or to contact us: Facebook: or email: or download form here - Hall of Honor nomination form.

CHS Homecoming Parade will be Saturday, September 22 at 4pm on the Downtown Center Square (participants line up at Farmer’s Bank Drive Through).

Thank you,
CHS Alumni Association

August 16, 2018 - The 50 Women of Impact group chose to donate funds raised from its fourth quarter meeting to Boo's Battle Cancer Fund bringing the total donations to over $40,000. The presentation check says $7,000 plus only because that was the money collected at the time of the meeting but once all the women have made their contribution the total donation to Boo's Battle Cancer Fund will be $10,000 plus!

Boo's Battle Cancer Fund was started by the family of Brandi Mills who was diagnosed in February of 2015 with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at the age of 28. They named the non-profit organization they started after Brandi's nickname 'Boo.' All funds raised go to help anyone fighting any type of cancer. With proof of treatment, the organization will help with everyday bills, wigs, travel, etc. According to Boo's Battle Support Fund Facebook page, "When we had her big fundraiser she chose to give to others who were currently fighting cancer so we want to continue her idea and help others in their battle!" For contact information about this organization or to donate, visit

The 50 Women of Impact group organized and held their first meeting in November of 2017 with the hopes of getting 50 women to give $100 each quarter for a combined contribution to an elected organization. The first meeting surpassed the 50 women with 94 inaugural members. Today there are over 100 women who have joined the cause with more seeking to join. They have met once a quarter since then donating funds to the Shelby County Welfare Board; AgriLife Extension, Shelby Family Consumer Science program; Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library; and now Boo's Battle Cancer Fund.

August 15, 2018 - Now that school is back in session it is time to start thinking about honoring a group of VFW heroes, the teachers. Prime candidates for VFW Teacher of the Year are those who promote civic responsibility, flag etiquette, patriotism and help students develop a better understanding of democratic values.

Anyone other than relatives or self can make the nomination. In 350 words or less tell why you feel your nominee is deserving of the award, describing the teacher’s innovative teaching and resource development methods as well as his or her dedication to education. Submit your neatly typed nomination and the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award nomination form to Post Quartermaster Larry Hume, 614 Tenaha Street, Center, TX 75935 by the deadline of October 31, 2018. Forms can be picked up at this address, emailed to you or downloaded at by clicking the community tab, youth and education.

Winners are chosen from teachers in grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 at the post level and receive $100 and nominated to district. Winners in each grade category here are given another $100 and nominated to state. State winners receive $500 and compete at the national level. The national winners receive $1,000 as does their school and are given an all-expense paid trip to attend a VFW Conference (usually Washington D.C.) to receive their award.

Call Post Quartermaster Larry Hume, 598-2976 for more information or questions.

August 15, 2018 - Mike and Linda Bordelon celebrate their 53rd Anniversary with beekeepers at the August Pineywoods Beekeepers Association meeting in Lufkin. They were married August 14, 1965 at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Marksville, Louisiana. Mike, a retired Mechanical Engineer, and Linda, a retired Caddo Parish teacher, retired to their lake house in 2002 on Toledo Bend, Huxley, TX.

August 15, 2018 - A combined meeting of Rotary Club and Lions Club met Tuesday, August 7, 2018 to welcome their guest speaker Louie Gohmert, U.S. Representative from Texas 1st Congressional District.

Representative Gohmert was introduced by Rotary Club member Melba Gillis who spoke about her first meeting with Gohmert and the impression he made upon her with a single word - ask.

After the introduction, Rep. Gohmert said, "It's great to be back here speaking this time to a combined Rotary and Lions Club." Gohmert joked about speaking in public and why he felt he is often chosen as orator. He summarized by saying, "All I can figure is a lot of the country really likes the way 75% of East Texans think and... I'm a reflection of the big majority of the way we think here."

He recalled the growth of Center since his last visit and mentioned the Civic Center and what it has done for the area. He addressed current events including natural gas, "If we get natural gas going like I think it should. I think it ought to be the primary fuel in America. It just should. Its clean; its just efficient and it comes from here." He described how other countries are clamoring for natural gas so it just makes sense.

Another subject addressed was the education system and the ratio of teachers in school systems which is an average of 50%. He felt the federal government's oversight is a contributing factor for the reasons school are having to hire so many additional employees which don't have to do with education but has to do with the bureaucracy. It is a ripple effect. The government wants numbers and statistics which means the states have to hire people to process and provide those reports to the government. The state has to get its information from the school districts. So, the schools are having to hire positions to provide the information to the state government for the federal government. Gohmert said, "So when the federal government gets too involved, we cause more bureaucracy and we don't necessarily get better results. I know Timpson and some other school districts, their trying to put vocational ed back in the schools and Texas is encouraging that and I think it is a great thing."

Gohmert talked about immigration and border wall funding. "Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy did not support the idea of a border wall before Trump was elected, they didn't support a no amnesty policy, they didn't support a secure the border first before we do anything." As a result, Gohmert said the government only set aside about 1.5 billion in the last appropriation for border wall and fence.

Talking to Senior Robert Nichols who was also a guest at the meeting, Gohmert said, "One of the best things down there is the four boats that the Texas legislature paid for without any help from the federal government." He continued, "The thing is when our Texas DPS are out there on the river, people don't cross. But the federal border patrol had instructions that have gotten better under Trump but they're still not as tight as they need to be." He spoke about the process DPS does which includes monitoring and identifying for the border patrol where people are. He referenced one particular experience where DPS told border patrol the location of several groups along the river; however, as soon as DPS left, border patrol didn't stop them from crossing but just processed them after they entered America. Gohmert summarized the problem saying, "The Texas DPS says your not coming onto American soil. The border patrol says just come on in and we'll in process you. So, I'm hoping and I understand we are moving toward the federal government taking more of the position of the Texas government and that is if you want to come in, come in through one of our ports of entry."

He emphasized the importance of border security and the impact it will have on the drug cartel, hampering their profits and making it harder for them to cause corruption in the Mexican government. He believes Mexico could then grow into a top 10 economy. He said, "When I look at the Hispanic culture I see, generally speaking, a faith in God, a love of family, and a hard work ethic. Three things I think made America great. I want more of that for America but it needs to be legal. And why is Mexico, they've got incredible natural resources, better location than the United States really, I mean right there between the two oceans. It's just an incredible location. We know they have hard working folks. Why are they not a top 10 economy. It's because of the corruption. That's the drug cartels."

His last topic concerned tariffs describing them as a negotiation. It's a deal process. He referenced a conversation he had years ago about a deal struck having to do with the chicken and beef industry. When he mentioned it wasn't a good deal, the answer he said he received was, "Louie, you've got to understand both the Republican and Democratic administrations have had the same approach on trade agreements. We believe since we're the biggest economy in the world, even when we make a deal that's much better for another country than it is for us, we end up being the biggest beneficiaries because we are the biggest economy. I'm going, no that's not right. A bad deal is still a bad deal. It's better for them. If somebody is going to have our markets open to their stuff; then their markets ought to be open to our stuff." Gohmert finished by saying, "If we are going to have businesses reach their capacity, we've got to have better trade deals."

From left: Rotary Club President Hollie Adams, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert, Texas District 3 Senator Robert Nichols, and Lions Club President Joey Lawson

August 10, 2018 - The Xi Alpha Delta Rho chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority was delighted to make a donation to the Center Backpack Program, in anticipation of the new school year starting. Receiving the donation was Mrs. Alease Copelin, director of the program and CHS counselor.

The Center Backpack Program has been fighting hunger in the Center ISD schools for six years now. Center ISD partners with the East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) to provide children with food over the weekend so they return to school on Monday ready to learn! The Backpack Program provides food for children who participate in free or reduced price meal programs, but are at risk of going hungry on week-ends or holidays. Caring teachers and staff members identify children who are showing signs of food insecurity - hunger or malnutrition - and share the name of the child with the campus counselor who then distributes a pack of child-friendly food items each Friday. Packs are filled with nutritious, easy-to-open food that doesn't require stove top cooking. Funding for the program comes from the Flags to Fight Hunger Program as well as donations from individuals and organizations.

Children can begin participating in the program at any time during the school year, so the number of program participants varies throughout the year. Children have difficulty concentrating on learning when hungry - the Backpack Program is just one way Center ISD is partnering with the community to foster a positive learning environment by meeting the needs of its students!

August 10, 2018 - Center Garden Club is pleased to present its Yard of the Month Award (August) to Andrea and Randy McLeroy in recognition of their commitment to both creating and maintaining a beautiful front landscape for their 1902 Lakewood Drive home. Both Of the McLeroys are quick to credit Wayne and Carla Doudna Hornbuckle of The Nature Gardeners with the creative vision and the installation that made the plan such an impressive reality. Center Garden Club urges everyone to drive by the McLeroy home and experience the delight that a picturesque yard can bring to resident and passerby alike!

August 9, 2018 - A group with Preservation Texas took a tour around East Texas which included a stop at the Shelby County Historic Courthouse.

Preservation Texas hosts Preservation Summits several times a year which includes guided tours around the state. The summit this quarter was being held in Nacogdoches, Texas. Evan Thompson, the executive director of Preservation Texas, was the tour guide for the group.

The tour started in Chireno at the Half-way Inn and then traveled to the Lewis Railroad Hotel outside of San Augustine. While in San Augustine they visited several other building including its courthouse before traveling to the Shelby County Historic Courthouse. Here they enjoyed a delicious lunch before traveling to Arcadia for a tour of a 'Dogtrot' style house owned by Greg Grant.

The Shelby County Courthouse docent said the group presented her with a thank you card saying, "Thank you so much for the Shelby County hospitality and for sharing your exquisite courthouse with our summer tour group!"

Preservation Texas is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and they are a state wide historic preservation advocacy organization. The organization has a board meeting each quarter in a different part of the state which includes a tour and an educational workshop day to educate people in the local community about how to be good stewards of buildings and advocates for historic preservation.

For more information about Preservation Texas, visit them online at

August 9, 2018 - Tri-County Harvest for Homes Produce Drop scheduled for August 22 has been canceled. Any questions please call 936-598-6315 ext 501

August 9, 2018 - Becky Maidic, on behalf of Hochheim Prairie Branch 110, presented a donation to the Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library in Center on August 9, 2018. Receiving the check on behalf of the library was Sandra Davis, Library Director.

"The donation is done through Ann Tomlin's insurance company [Tomlin Insurance] that she has, Hochheim Prairie," said Becky Maidic. "They send the money here and, matter of fact I think we give a total of six checks because I give it I believe to five fire departments and the library and we've done it for a number of years.