Bellmyer, PCT 4 Commissioner Candidate, Setting the Record Straight (Pd Pol Adv)

February 12, 2018 - Shortly after my making the announcement to seek the office of Shelby County Commissioner, Pct. 4, rumors began circulating concerning actions I would take if elected. I know this due to the number of citizens that stopped me on the street, came by my farm or called me to inquire if the rumors were true. Each time I tried to assure them that what they were told was not truthful, but the old saying of “bad news travels like wild fire and good news travels slow” came to pass. I owe it to the citizens of Shelby County and especially those who live in Pct. 4 to address this head on and set the record straight.

Here are the rumors as they have been told to me.
• If elected I am going to terminate all of the road maintenance crew and replace them with a new crew. This is not true!
• If elected I will hire a neighbor of mine to supervise the road maintenance department. This is not true!

The current road maintenance crew has years of experience and knowledge dealing with the roads in and around the precinct and are skilled with the equipment they operate. I will not make a change in the Pct. 4 crew.

My neighbor was dragged into the rumors because he has been helping with my campaign. He has a very successful 6-house chicken farm, hay baling and vegetable produce business. I have not asked him nor has he asked me for a job. I won’t need a supervisor and he doesn’t want a job with the county, he works full time with his own business.

It is unfortunate that I am forced to defend myself this way, but when adults begin playing childish juvenile games of starting false rumors I feel obligated to defend myself.

Please exercise your right to make a choice and vote on March 6th, Tom Bellmyer.