CH Daniels HS Keep the Legacy Alive: Willard Ira McClelland

May 16, 2018 - Willard Ira McClelland is a proud 1955 graduate of C. H. Daniels High School and he loved his school, his teachers, and the classmates. Two of them, Mildred Richards Johnson and Baby Lou Gardner, have shared memories of him as a student. As still Center residents, looked upon him as a Brother during their school days and are still friends.

Willard is the brother of Dr. Charles Tatum who has authored many books on Shelby County. Willard recently retired from being a professional barber in town for many years. He probably cut hair on many alumni and their descendants until many of them went bald. Willard lives a dedicated Christian life by deeds of love and mercy. He has helped many of the elderly in the community. He was often seen walking to and from work which was not far from his home.

The Reunion Committee initiated the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Daniels Alumni in 2013 and Willard was selected for Mr. Daniels that year and received the honors, a crown and a gift card. We salute him for Keeping the Legacy Alive.