City of Center Employees Receive 'Mardi Gras' Thank You; Mayor Recognized for 35 Years

March 14, 2017 - (Photo Album) - The City of Center held their 2017 Employee Appreciation Banquet on March 10 at the John D. Windham Civic Center in honor of the city's employees and recognition of council members.

Mardi Gras was the theme for the festivities and some participants arrived to the event in full party regalia, while those who may have arrived sans decor were provided such accoutrements at their dining table.

During and after the event, Boom Boom Photo Booth was on hand to allow the employees to have their photos taken in a variety of festive masks.

As the attendees were seated, they were served entrees of prime rib and chicken, depending on their preference followed by opening remarks from Chad Nehring, City Manager.

Awards were presented after Mayor David Chadwick, Mayor Pro Tem Leigh Porterfield and council members Jerry Lathan, Joyce Johnson, Terry Scull and Dr. Randy Collard addressed the room and expressed their appreciation to the city of Center employees.

Mayor Chadwick was presented a plaque conjointly with words of appreciation and praise spoken for his 35 years of service to the city, first as council member and then as mayor.

Presentations and awards are as follows -

1-Year Award Recipients:
Kara Spann
Monica Lee
Karen Shields
Andrew Williams
Jason Mitchell
Daniel Zorn
Mark Browne
Weston Wheeler
Eddie Palmer
Jonathan Cheshire
Richard Welch
Justin Murphy
Angela Neal

5-Year Award Recipients:
Bobby Smith
Jacob Gross

10-Year Award Recipients:
Keith Oliver

15-Year Award Recipients:
Chad Nehring
Jeremy Bittick
James Neal

Council Recognition:
Joyce Johnson - 5 Years
Leigh Porterfield - 5 Years
David Chadwick - 35 Years

Following the award presentations and recognition, new employees were introduced. This was followed by final words from City Manager Nehring which included, "Thank you to everybody. The council, the staff and new employees it's been a tremendous year. We've gotten a lot of stuff done, we do still have a lot of stuff going on. Again, thank each and every one of you for what you do."