ETX Music, American Idol Partner for Thursday Event

Vocalists Have Been Selected to Compete at the Gilmer Civic Center in Gilmer, Texas – August 10, 2017

August 7, 2017 - The public is invited to attend the ETX Music Vocal Competition, in partnership with American Idol, August 10th, in Gilmer, Texas. Forty-two contestants will perform and compete for a chance to be one of 3 winners to audition privately for American Idol. Age eligibility is 15 to 28 (born on or between June 12, 1988, and June 11, 2002, and all requirements at

“Winners will be granted a chance to go to the American Idol auditions for a private audition in Dallas, Texas in September. This is important since no open calls will take place in Dallas,” says ETX Music Founder, Nathan Hunnicutt.

Contestants have been selected through an online video voting process. In no particular order, they are: Amelia Presley, Atteona Ware, Jered Ochoa, Jordan Butts, Landan Boyde, Nathan Brown, Richard John Kandy, Ryanp Balensia, Hunter Douglas, Amanda Balderas, Whitney Wills, Gabrielle Centers, Cortnie Ann Beck, Aeron Perez, Kaylyn Alley Hall, Sara Carden, Ronaldo Monasterio, Ashley Keen, Jade Elizabeth Kelly, Chelsea Madison Elliott, Dakota Owsley, Morrisa Hatten, Katie Rae Simpson, Joanie Rowland, Sydnee Hawkins, Daniel Hatten, Hunter Collins, Kaleb Day, Caitlyn Brette, Shelby Adkins, Jewel Rena'e, Jill Brandon, Heather Harper, Riley Cameron, Karisia Hernandez, Kelsey Chappell, Melanie Bouldin, Dennis Brown, Lauren Faith, Krissy Green, Leighchele Methvin, and Billie Jo Sewell.

Judges for the ETX Music Vocal Competition

A diverse lineup of accomplished judges will be gracing the stage for the night.

  •     Boston Chris - VP of the ETX Music Office and host of The ETX ROCKS Show
  •     Chad Mauldin - Sound engineer for Mauldin Productions at Studio 333
  •     Crystal Yates - previous winner of Texaco Country Showdown, and singer-songwriter
  •     Chaz Von Graves - ETX Music Awards recipient; member of the band, Rockett Queen. 

The event to be held at the Gilmer Civic Center where the audience vote will account for 1/3 of the final voting and the Judges will account for the other 2/3 of the vote (ticket link below). Contestants will have a chance to stand out as a winner of the ETX Music Competition (American Idol Partner) and may receive other prizes. Prize providers are welcome to contact ETX Music.

Co-Hosts, Kadie Lynn and Nathan HunnicuttCo-Hosts for the evening will be Kadie Lynn and Nathan Hunnicutt. Kadie Lynn was a semifinalist on America’s Got Talent and she is a previous ETX Music Awards recipient and singer-songwriter. Nathan Hunnicutt is Founder of the ETX Music Office which produces the ETX Music Awards, The ETX ROCKS Show, and ETX Records under the Hunnicutt Group.

Upon completion of the competition, Kadie Lynn and Crystal Yates will perform a few acoustic songs and have a Questions and Answer Session for the contestants and winners.

Event tip: bring a pen, be ready to vote, and arrive on time.

Crystal Yates and Kadie Lynn