Families and Communities Matter

September 12, 2017 - Have you ever felt no one understands what you are experiencing? Maybe you have felt isolated or alone even though multiple people surround you every day. Chances are you either live with or work with someone who is constantly battling these emotional struggles. It can feel like a lonely journey being diagnosed with a mental health and/or substance use disorder. You can help by letting your family members and others in the community know you are with them.

Support from family is an important element during this time in a person’s life. Mental health and substance abuse disorders affect families, friends, co-workers, and others, not just the person experiencing them. Family members can help their loved ones by obtaining the tools to start conversations about prevention, treatment, and recovery.

In addition, it is vital we come together as a community and offer our support to our neighbors facing mental and/or substance abuse disorders. The community plays a big role in the recovery process. Together, we can help build and encourage each other.

With the support of our families and our community the dynamics of recovery can and will become stronger. It does take both to help someone recover from the guilt and shame they have placed not only on themselves, but on the ones they love. What is the saying? It takes a village.” - Statement by an 11-year sober fellow recovery advocate. 

Let’s comfort our friends, family, and community members by showing them we are here and rooting for them in their recovery process. Come celebrate Recovery Month with us at Recovery Day in the Park.

Recovery Day in the Park is September 30, 2017 from 10 am until 2 pm at Grace Dunne Richardson Park in Lufkin.

For more information on this event or substance abuse contact the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council at (936) 634–5753. For data on underage drinking, marijuana, prescription drug abuse, and prevention information contact the Region 5 Prevention Resource Center at (936) 631–8771.