Keep the Legacy Alive: Daniels Bobcats

May 17, 2018 - As the Houston Rockets participate in the Conference Finals, it brings back memories of C. H. Daniels Bobcats winning many basketball games during the 50’s and 60’s. Basketball was the major sport during that time. They did not have a football team. Daniels began competing in Texas District in the 1950-51 season (according to Dr. Tatum’s books previously mentioned). Winnings were: District State Champs in 1953; District in 54-55-56-57 and 58; District/State again in 1959; District in 1960-61 and 64; District /State in 1966.

Above is an audio file of the "Mighty Bobcats" which was chanted during the 2015 C.H. Daniels School Reunion Parade. Audio recorded by Shelby County Today.

Shout out to the shortest man on the team, Willie G. Booth, (a junior) who led the man-to-man defense in a victory for the state championship in 1966. Three of his teammates made the all-state team who sadly are all deceased (may they rest in peace) and could not get the honor of receiving recognition at the 50-year anniversary of the championship in San Antonio State Championship Games in 2016. They were James Hines (Billy Boy), brother of world known Doug Hines who was a Daniels graduate and a former Globetrotter basketball player; Charles White; and Robert Thompson who was the captain and most valuable player in that tournament. Other players and team staff to be recognized in 2016 and at the 2017 Daniels School Reunion were: Eugene Brown, Willie G Booth, Curtis Gardner, Dr. Kenneth Hinson- statistician, Dwight Jackson, Earnest Swindell – trainer, Chester White.

Mr. Michael Mitchell was the team coach and was also present at the presentation. He retired from the Beaumont School District. I remember seeing the trophy in 1996 at the 30th Year Class Reunion of Daniels 1966 Class when Robert presented it to Coach Mitchell. Rob had it for all of those years and wanted to pass it on. So, Daniels Alumni have much to be proud of when one talks about sports in the old days; especially basketball. Keep the Legacy Alive.

Link: Daniels Athletics on the website.