Local Doctor Serves as Physician of the Day for 85th Texas Legislature

April 18, 2017 Austin, Texas - Keith Miller, MD, of Center, Texas, volunteered to serve as the Family Physician of the Day for the Texas Legislature on April 6. Dr. Miller is a member of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, the state's largest specialty organization, which coordinates and directs the program. More than 2,500 family physicians have traveled to Austin during Legislative and Special Sessions to serve as the Physician of the Day since the program's inception in 1971.

Family physicians participating in the program volunteer time away from their practices to staff the Capital Health Services Clinic. A TAFP member is scheduled to serve in the clinic each day of the 85th Legislature.

As the physician of the Day, Dr. Miller was available to treat emergencies in the Capital Building or on the grounds. The primary concern, however, for the Physician of the Day is the care and well-being of the Texas Legislators and their staffs - those temporary Austin residents who may not have a regular primary care physician in the capital city. Dr. Miller was introduced in the House and the Senate by his legislators, Rep. Chris Paddie and Sen. Robert Nichols, and his name was recorded as part of the official legislative record.

Family physicians like Dr. Miller are qualified to work in all major-medical areas and trained to treat more than 90 percent of all cases they encounter. Family physicians care for patients of all ages.

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