News from Paxton Methodist

December 26, 2017 - Sunday was Christmas Eve, and our Gospel reading was Luke 2:1-20, part of the birth story. The reading sounded a little different because it was from the Jewish New Testament that uses Jewish names (Yosef and Miriam, for instance) and place names. But the story of the babe of Bethlehem is one that resonates with everyone, whether they are Christian or not. The idea of God coming into creation as a helpless, vulnerable baby is an idea seldom seen in other religions. 

We had a very informal Sunday school lesson as we looked at the many questions today’s lesson raised. We were so happy to have Susan, Laura, and Harriet worshiping with us this morning.  Joe and Hilda teamed up on some of our favorite Christmas carols. At the end of the service, Joe announced that Fannie had agreed to finish us out differently from our usual “Have Thine Own Way.” She read a “biography” of Jesus, with so much to ponder from the points it made. We were in double digits this morning despite some absences, and we were so pleased!

This past Tuesday volunteers went to Holiday Nursing Home for songs, stories, and fellowship. Most of the songs were Christmas carols, given the proximity of the holiday. Mrs. Hilda did a good job with the music, even lesser-known ones. Employees and visitors walking by were humming or outright singing along with us. Nora used a picture book to sing “Up on the Housetop” and “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,” and her sister Jo sang an impromptu “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” Fannie read the “biography” of Jesus, almost poetic in its message. Sue read ‘How Santa Got His Job’ and later, a joke about Dr. Geezer and Mr. Young. This Thursday we’ll head to Lakeside Assisted Living. All month we have been collecting cans of soup for Community Christian Services. In January we will collect cans of tuna. 

Sue reported on Community Christian Services giving of Christmas gifts to families last Wednesday, as she was helping translate for those who spoke only Spanish. She said everything was so well organized and things went well, even though Beverly was at home with flu and Lynn was still in school.  Watching parents and grandparents walk out with clothing, shoes, toys, Bibles, and other items for their families made it a real feel-good day!

Your friends and neighbors at Paxton Methodist wish each of you a Merry Christmas! 

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