Region 7 ESC Hosting 10th Annual Parent Academy

February 9, 2018 (FlyerFlyer in Spanish, Registration form- We would like to share a wonderful opportunity for the parents in your district. Region 7 ESC is hosting our 10th Annual Parent Academy on March 28, 2018 in Kilgore.

There is no cost to the parents and lunch is free! Please see the following FAQ for additional district information:

What do we need to do as a district to share this information with our parents?

  • Communicate the event information in as many ways as possible

o  Print flyers and Registration forms to send home
o  Post on your district and campus websites
o  Send automated notifications: phone calls, emails, text messages
o  Post flyers in offices and areas frequented by parents
o  Share on social media…we have!  Check out our Region 7 Facebook page.

What can we do to help register parents for the event?

  • Share the QR Code with parents so they can register themselves
  • If parents do not have technology access, each campus could designate a person to collect paper copies of the form and:

o  Register them online
o  Email/scan registration forms to

When is the deadline for registration?

  • March 9, 2018

What else could our district do to help parents attend the event?

  • Follow up with individual parents about attending
  • Organize transportation for the parents to Region 7

Some of our parents only speak Spanish, will there be interpreters?

  • We will have ESC staff that can assist with verbal translation during the sessions
  • Handouts will also be translated for Spanish speaking parents
  • Make sure that their preferred language is indicated on the Registration form