Road Work Scheduled Through Nine-County District

December 1, 2017 - Crews will continue next week to place profile pavement markings on 46 roadways throughout the nine-county Lufkin District.

The profile pavement markings are being placed along the center lines and/or edge lines. Raised profiles are being placed in areas where shoulder or centerline pavement texturing is not feasible.

“Often the profile markings in the pavement and the raised buttons are enough to get the attention of a distracted or drowsy driver and possibly prevent a crash,” said Rhonda Oaks, spokesperson for the Lufkin District. “Crews will work in Nacogdoches and Shelby counties this next week and move throughout the district on 46 roadways. We ask that motorists remain alert and reduce speed throughout our work zones as this project and many others continue.”

Total Highway Maintenance, Cedar Hill, is contractor for the $2.9 million project that began in October and is scheduled to be completed by mid-November, 2018. All schedules are subject to change in inclement weather.

For more information regarding TxDOT projects statewide, visit Other work scheduled in the Lufkin District for the coming week includes:

Angelina County

  • US 69: Crews will continue to clear the right of way at the north and south ends of the project from FM 844 to FM 1270.
  • US 69: Excavation and structure placement is scheduled on this construction project  that will widen the roadway from two to four lanes from the Huntington city limits to FM 844.
  • US 59/SL 287:  Work is scheduled to install guardrail near the FM 58/Chestnut Drive overpass.
  • BU 59/Timberland Drive: Crews are scheduled to work on guardrail at Chestnut Drive.
  • US 59/SL 287: Crews will be doing edge repairs on the east side of the loop in various locations.
  • FM 1818: Work is scheduled to repair road base in various locations.
  • Various locations: Sweeping operations will be a moving work zone in various locations in Angelina County.

Nacogdoches County

  • FM 1878: Crews are forming bridge rail on the new bridge at LaNana Creek and work continues to mill and remove the existing road base in preparation of approach upgrades on each end of the bridge
  • FM 1087: Work is scheduled to continue upgrading cross structures and driveway culverts from US 259 to FM 95.
  • FM 2112: Crews are scheduled to level up the roadway from SH 7 to FM 1878.
  • Various locations: Crews will be working to upgrade metal beam guard rail in various locations throughout the county.
  • Various locations: Crews are placing profile pavement markings along the center line and edge lines.

Shelby County

  • CR 4789:  New bridge beams have been set and the slab has been placed at the tributary of Blackwater Creek.
  • CR 4620: Right of way preparations have begun and a detour bridge is being constructed for the bridge replacement at Risinger Creek.
  • Various locations: Crews will be working to upgrade metal beam guard rail in various locations throughout the county.
  • Various locations: Crews are placing profile pavement markings along the center line and edge lines.

Sabine County

  • SH 87 North: Crews are scheduled to do road base repairs in various locations.

San Augustine County

  • SH 21: Barricades have been set and work is scheduled to begin to replace two existing bridges with one new bridge at the Attoyac River.
  • SH 21: Both new bridge decks have been set and bridge rail is being constructed at Venado Creek and Perkins Creek. Approaches are being constructed and flex base and cement treatment have been applied with a prime coat expected to be placed next week.
  • SH 21: Bridge beams for the new bridge construction have been placed at Niciper Creek and work to place bridge panels is scheduled to begin.
  • FM 705: Safety upgrades on culverts have been completed and work is scheduled to upgrade metal beam guard fence from SH 147 to the end of pavement.

Trinity County

  • FM 357: Work is scheduled to add safety end treatments and replace driveway culverts in this section of the project from Apple Springs to FM 2262.

Houston County

  • SH 21 East: Crews will continue extending cross culverts and installing safety end treatments at driveways east of Crockett.
  • SH 21 West: Work to mix and reclaim the roadway and place seed along the side of the road is scheduled through the work area, just west of Crockett.
  • FM 227: Center line striping is scheduled on the reconstructed roadway from just east of CR 1685 to SH 21.
  • FM 227: Work is scheduled to backfill cross structures from SH 7 to SH 21.
  • CR 1155: Work to compact the road base at the new bridge approaches is scheduled at Anderson Crossing.
  • Various locations: Crews are scheduled to level up the road and edges in several locations including US 287 North and US 287 South inside Loop 304, FM 3187 and on Loop 304 in Crockett from US 287 North to FM 229.

Polk County

  • FM 356: Crews will work on storm sewer drains on the east side, work on subgrade and apply hot mix on the project that is designed to reconstruct and widen the pavement with a two-way continuous turn lane and 10-foot shoulders from 1.1 mile north of US 190 to US 190.
  • FM 1316: Crews will continue to safety treat fixed objects, upgrading driveways and metal beam guard rail from SH 146 to 2.2 miles east of SH 146.

San Jacinto County

  • US 59: Crews will continue to work to establish vegetation and add signage near the frontage roads just south of the Union Pacific Railroad in Shepherd to just north of FM 2914 where a southbound frontage road was added and the main lanes reconstructed.
  • US 59: Work continues to upgrade metal beam guard fence from the Polk County line to the Liberty County line.
  • US 190: Crews are scheduled to clean culverts and safety treat fixed objects from the Walker County line to the Polk County line.
  • FM 1127: Work will continue to safety treat fixed objects and upgrade metal beam guard fence from US 59 to the end of pavement.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395