Running Other People’s Hooks

Thou God seest me…” Genesis 16:13

November 13, 2017 - Mill Creek was four miles from where we lived in Center, Texas…at least it was four miles if you walked the railroad tracks like we did. It was a clear, spring-fed and a perfect place to fish and swim. And the surrounding woods were our favorite place to hunt squirrels. It was also Center’s sole water supply back then.

Daddy took us boys there often to fish and hunt and one day he took us “up the creek” to some deep holes that we’d never fished. This part of the creek was used primarily by people who set out hooks to catch catfish. As I slid down one of the steep banks that day, I saw someone’s bank pole churning up and down in the water. I knew something large was on it because the pole went completely under at times.

After looking all around to see if anyone was watching, I grabbed the cane pole and pulled up a monstrous catfish. But just as I was taking it from the hook, a voice boomed from the bank above me: “Young man, put that pole back!” “Don’t you ever run someone else’s hooks!” Daddy bellowed.

Many parasite-type-people make their living running other people’s hooks. They look all around like I did and think the coast is clear. Apparently they don’t know that when we run other people’s hooks….

… The Heavenly Father always sees us.