Shelby County Jail Sergeant Arrested on Two Felony Charges

August 10, 2017 - A Shelby County Jail Sergeant has been arrested on charges involving sexual activity with an inmate and bribery.

District Attorney Investigator Joey Haley and Center PD Detective Stephen Stroud placed Korey McClure, 42, of Tenaha under arrest at the Tenaha City Marshal's office.

According to the arrest affidavit for improper sexual activity with person in custody, state jail felony, on August 8 Investigator Haley interviewed a former male inmate at the 123rd District Attorney's Office. The inmate alleged that while he was at the Shelby County Jail, McClure inappropriately "grabbed" him by the genitals.

The inmate alleged that while he was a trusty at the jail, this occurred on multiple occasions. He also alleged on one occasion McClure called him into his office where McClure showed a video of an unknown male pleasuring himself.

It is further alleged by the inmate, McClure showed him a nude photograph on his phone of himself.

Investigator Haley previously interviewed another inmate, Joshua Eaden, who alleged McClure sent him texts asking Eaden to let him perform a sexual act on him. Eaden also alleged McClure texted a nude photograph of himself to Eaden.

Haley states in the affidavit Eaden provided him with the texts and photograph which Haley believes to be the same photograph the other inmate was shown.

The other arrest affidavit for bribery, 2nd degree felony, alleges while in the Shelby County Jail Tony Josh Parker was told by McClure, if he would give McClure $200 in cash he could get him released from jail.

McClure allegedly allowed Parker to make a phone call to his mother to make arrangements to get the money, and Parker was then allowed into the outside recreation area by himself where his mother gave him the money through the fence.

It was further alleged by Parker, once he had the money he was allowed back into the jail where he turned the money over to McClure.

Investigator Haley procured a written statement of Parker's mother corroborating Parker's statement regarding the money.

McClure was transported to the Shelby County Jail at 4:49pm where he was booked in and he later bonded out at 6:45pm on a $3,000 bond for the improper sexual activity with person in custody and $8,000 for the bribery charge.