Shelby County Sheriff's Department Has Christmas Party; Wishes Farewell to Comrade

December 22, 2017 - (Album) - The Shelby County Sheriff's Department staff celebrated with a Christmas party/Farewell Party for DJ Dickerson on December 20, 2017 and enjoyed a substantial barbecue meal.

Dickerson has been with the Sheriff's Department since October 2011 and became Chief in early August 2016. He is taking a job in LaPorte, Texas.

During the gathering, Sheriff's Department staff and well-wishers, convened in the main lobby of the Sheriff's Office. At that time, Sheriff Willis Blackwell presented Dickerson with a going away gift of a framed "Come And Take It" flag which he said everyone got together and obtained for him.

Dickerson expressed appreciation for the gift and stated his confidence in his successor, Kevin Windham, "I'm turning it over to very capable hands, very capable, more capable than I am or was."

He shared he would be taking a lot of memories with him from his time working at the Sheriff's Department.