Strut, Cluck, and Crow Chicken Clucking Contest Winners

October 7, 2017 - A crowd favorite of the festival is the "Strut, Cluck, and Crow" Chicken Clucking Contest. Platinum sponsor for the contest was the Light and Champion and award sponsor was Payne's Community News.

The winners in each category were:

Peeps (7 and under)
1st place - Zac Payne
2nd place - Alan Valedez
3rd place - Jordin Rhone

Chicks (8 - 11)
1st place - Jose Valadez
2nd place - Chase Stringer
3rd place - Will Hawkins

Pullets (12 - 16)
1st place - Clayton Waller
2nd place - John Ford
3rd place - Harley Eubank

Roosters and Hens (17 and up)
1st place - Dr. Clayton Paul Windham
2nd place - William Jacobs
3rd place - Wayne Hornbucle
Honorable mention - Amy Lindley