Timpson HS News: School Year Off to Great Start; Pre-K News, OSHA and Drafting Students

October 9, 2017 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

School Holiday – Just a reminder that tomorrow, Monday, October 9th is a Timpson ISD school holiday.  School will resume at normal time Tuesday October 10th.

THS News – Timpson High School Principal Ron Lindgren said the 2017-2018 school year is off to a great start.

  • Attendance – Attendance has increased over last year with 180 students enrolled in grades 9-12.  Principal Lindgren is especially pleased with student attendance with an average of 98% of students in attendance each day.
  • Advanced Placement – THS also has a record number enrolled in Advanced Placement classes.  AP classes are being offered at THS in U.S. history, government and  Spanish Language.  Students  can earn both high school and college credit by passing the advanced placement exam at the conclusion of taking the course.
  • Dual Credit – A record number of students from freshmen to seniors are also taking dual credit classes.  Some students are taking two or three classes per semester.  Passing these courses earns students both high school and college credit.  Taking these classes also allows students to prepare for taking college classes after graduation by teaching them time management, study skills and other important skills necessary to be successful in college.  THS students have the opportunity to earn a two year Associates degree.  The district pays for tuition and books for these dual credit classes.  Taking these classes as well as AP classes allows students and their parents to save on future tuition and other college related expenses.
  • Technical Vocational Classes – THS is also offering a number of opportunities for students to earn certification/licenses in fork lift certification, food handler, HVAC and take courses leading to OSHA basic electrical instrumentation and drafting.
  • Response to Intervention – Principal Lindgren is very pleased with the math and English teachers who are working to develop a response to intervention (RTI) program.  The goal of the program is to track each student to ensure they are successful in not only passing subjects but also achieving Level Three mastery on the end of course exams.  Students will take a diagnostic test to determine strengths and areas needing improvement.  Teachers will have their instruction on this date so that students are specifically being taught skills that are necessary to master the subject.  Teachers using the RTI system will be able to monitor students throughout the year to determine when they need intervention or extra assistance such as tutorials to ensure mastery of learning objectives.  Teaches will keep parents informed of their children’s progress especially if there is an area of concern.
  • THS Staff – Principal Lindgren is especially proud of his staff.  He says they are student centered and are focused on the wellbeing and academic success of their students.  He said his staff consists of dedicated professionals who work together to meet the needs of their students.  The staff recently welcomed new teacher Robert Harrison who teaches agriculture/vocational classes.  Mr. Lindgren thinks he is an excellent addition to the school Ag/Vocational program.
  • Counseling Program – THS guidance counselor Charlotte Metcalf said the counseling program is busy ensuring students are in the right classes that will lead to high school graduation and prepare them for post-secondary plans whether it be attending college, vocational, technical school, the service, or directly into the job market.  The counseling department is also assisting students fill out college applications.

Principal Lindgren and his staff appreciate the support of parents and community.  He also invites you to visit the school’s website at http://hs.timpsonisd.com to stay up to date on all the news of Timpson High School.

Pre-K News – Timpson Elementary School’s pre-k class learned about the letter A.  They read the book Johnny Appleseed.  Students dipped apples in caramel and enjoyed eating the finished product!  Pre-K teacher Ms. Ramsey talked to the students about planting apple trees that grow many different types and colors of apples.

OSHA and Drafting Students - Timpson High School students, Jaden Johnson and Ryan Clay Stamps are excelling in OSHA and Drafting classes taken through Panola College and TISD. Their hard work was recognized with an "incentive gift" donated by PetroQuest. We can't wait to see what the future holds for these young men!