Timpson ISD Cheerleader Try Outs, Volleyball News, UIL Results, Beta Club News, Yearbook Orders

January 5, 2018 - Timpson Bear Update

2018-2019 Cheerleader Try Out - The Timpson High School and Timpson Middle School cheerleader tryouts will be February 26. The following are important deadlines leading to tryouts. Information regarding tryouts will be updated as information becomes available.

Cheerleader Tryout Schedule
Monday, January 22nd - Sign-ups Announced and Sheets Put in Offices
Monday, January 29th - Sign-up Sheets Picked Up and Deadline for Signups
Friday, February 2nd - Grades Checked. (Passing for the 1st semester)
Monday, February 5th - Packets Handed Out
Friday, February 9th - Packets Due Back
Tuesday, February 13th - Clinic Info/Tryout Info Passed Out
Monday, February 26th at 9:00 a.m. - HS and MS Tryouts
Tuesday, February 27th - 1st Payment Due - $300

THS Volleyball News - Two Timpson Lady Bears TLB were named to the Texas Sports Writers Association All State Volleyball Team. Jasmine Rogers was selected for 3rd Team as an Outside Hitter and Kamryn Courtney was selected for Honorable Mention- as a Setter.

To be selected by TSWA is a huge honor and an outstanding achievement. This team is based on stats alone. Again we are proud of Jasmine and Kamryn. Congratulations athletes. The TLB volleyball team was coached by Head Coach James Foster and Assistant Coach Teresa Jourden.

TMS District Academic UIL Results - Timpson Middle School recently competed in the District 22 AA UIL Academic District Meet. Following are the results of TMS students. Congratulations students for your outstanding success and many thanks to their coaches who helped students prepare for the competition.

Timpson Middle School Individual Places

  • Chris Bochwich: (High point Individual From Timpson with 48 pts)1st place - Dictionary, Coach Joyce Moore; 2nd place - Mathematics, Coach Dee Elliott; 2nd place - Listening, Coach Gina Duke; 5th place - Number Sense, Coach Calvin Smith
  • Mackenzie Smith: 6th place - Ready Writing, Coach Kristan Solomon
  • Josh Wagstaff: 2nd place - Chess, Coach Kendra Welch
  • Celine Bush: 2nd place - Oral Reading, Coach Kristan Solomon
  • Braden Courtney: 2nd place - Ready Writing, Coach Robin Hooper; 4th place - Editorial Writing, Coach Robin Hooper
  • Pedro Garcia: 2nd place - Science I, Coach Phil Behrens
  • Halle Burns: 3rd place - Oral Reading, Coach Kristan Solomon
  • Kaitlyn Crockett: 3rd place - Ready Writing, Coach Robin Hooper; 4th place - Spelling, Coach Gina Duke
  • Haylee Eaves: 3rd place - Editorial Writing, Coach Robin Hooper
  • Devon Morrow: 3rd place - Spelling,Coach Gina Duke; 3rd Social Studies, Coach Robert Perez; 5th place - Mathematics, Coach Dee Elliott; 6th place - Science 2, Coach Phil Behrens
  • Catherine Searcy: 3rd place - Art Smart, Coach Lisa Mclawchlin
  • Quinn Timmons: 3rd place - Ready Writing, Coach Kristan Solomon; 4th place - Social Studies, Coach Darryl Joyner; 6th place - Listening, Coach Gina Duke
  • Camden Foster: 3rd place - Listening, Coach Gina Duke; 6th place - Editorial Writing, Coach Robin Hooper
  • Kallie Solomon: 4th place - Calculators App, Coach Dee Elliott; 4th place - Mathmatics, Coach Dee Elliott
  • McKenly Wynn: 4th place - Calculators, Coach Dee Elliott
  • Annie Young: 4th place - Art Smart, Coach Lisa McLawchlin
  • Nayelli DeLeon: 4th place - Calculator App, Coach Dee Elliott; 5th place - Maps, Graphs, and Charts, Coach Darryl Joyner
  • Haylee Eaves: 4th place - Ready Writing
  • James Williams: 4th place - Science I, Coach Phil Behrens; 6th place - Listening, Coach Gina Duke
  • Shykurria Bussey: 5th place - Oral Reading, Coach Kristan Solomon
  • Alleigh Campbell: 5th place - Spelling, Coach Gina Duke; 6th place - Dictionary, Coach Joyce Moore
  • Jordan Davis: 5th place - Editorial Writing, Coach Kristan Solomon
  • Ally Kimbro: 5th place - Moden Oratory, Coach Kendra Welch
  • Kyra Mardis: 5th place - Oral Reading, Coach Kristan Solomon
  • Talia Scourton: 5th place - Calculator App, Coach Dee Elliott
  • Isabella Galaviz: 6th place - Art Smart, Coach Lisa McLawchlin
  • Asher Molloy: 6th place - Spelling, Coach Gina Duke
  • Carter Ramsey: 6th place - Modern Oratory, Kendra Welch
  • Madison Smith: 6th place - Ready Writing, Coach Robin Hooper
  • Caden Solomon: 6th place - Oral Reading, Coach Kristan Solomon

Team Points

  • 1st place team Science 7 - Coach Phi Behrens
  • 2nd place team Calculator App 6th grade - Coach Dee Elliott
  • 2nd place team Calculator App 7th grade - Coach Dee Elliott
  • 2nd place team Listening - Coach Gina Duke
  • 2nd place team Social Studies 8 - Coach Robert Perez
  • 2nd place team Social Studies 6 - Coach Daryl Joyner
  • 3rd place team Spelling 7 - Coach Gina Duke
  • 3rd place team Spelling 6 - Coach Gina Duke
  • 3rd place team Spelling 8 - Coach Gina Duke
  • 3rd place team Chess - Kendra Welch
  • 3rd place team Calculator Apps 8 - Coach Dee Elliott
  • 3rd place team Number Sense 7 - Coach Calvin Smith
  • 3rd place team Mathematics 6 - Coach Dee Elliott
  • 3rd place team Art Smart 7-8 - Coach Lisa Mclawchlin
  • 3rd place team Art Smart 6 - Coach Lisa Mclawchlin

High Point Scorer at Middle School UIL - Chris Bochwich was the Timpson Middle School High Point Individual at the recent District UIL Academic Meet. Chris scored a total of 48 Points. He placed in the following competitions.

  • 1st place - Dictionary
  • 2nd place - Mathematics
  • 2nd place - Listening
  • 5th place - Number Sense
  • 2nd place team member Listening
  • 3rd place team member Number Sense

THS Beta Club News - The Timpson High School Beta Club celebrated their annual “Take a Teen Shopping” event on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. 

Beta Club members were each partnered with a middle school student as their “Beta Buddy” and assisted them with their shopping spree at Walmart in Center, Texas. Each Buddy was allowed $50.00 to spend on whatever they wanted and although most did buy items for themselves, almost all bought gifts for family members as well. This truly symbolizes the “Joy of Giving”! Beta members have worked extremely hard this year raising money to make this event possible and were so excited to see their hard work pay off. We would like to give a huge “Thank You” to Robin Connell at Quick Stop for sponsoring the Beta Club and purchasing t-shirts for each member and Debra and Paul Smith of Smith Sawmill Service for sponsoring and purchasing t-shirts for the Beta Buddies. “Thank you” Tina at Premium Graphics for doing such a great job making all the t-shirts. Also a big “Thank You” to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Tina Samford is the Beta Club sponsor.

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TISD Yearbook News - Reserve your copy of the TISD yearbook while you still have a chance. There are only 30 copies left. They are $48.00 each. Contact Danielle Smith dsmith@timpsonisd.com