Composed by J.J. Ford

Preliminary March 6th Election Results; Three Local Races Yet to be Decided (All Boxes IN)

***Update*** Election results are all in and three county races are yet to be decided. There will be two run-off races in the County due to no candidate in each race receiving over 50% of the vote. In the Shelby County Commissioner Pct 4 race, incumbent Bradley Allen (48.71%) and opponent Tom Bellmyer (32.88%) will have to wait until the May 22, 2018 for the Primary Runoff Election. The second race to be pushed into a runoff is the race for the Justice of the Peace Pct 1 position.

Joaquin FD Hosts Extrication Training

March 6, 2018 - Firefighters from five different area fire departments came together Saturday morning, March 3rd to participate in training on vehicle extrication. Extrication, or the act of removing an injured patient from a wrecked automobile, is one of the most critical services that rural volunteer fire departments perform.Having a hydraulic rescue tool (aka "The Jaws of Life") is a vital asset to a community. Equally valuable is having personnel who are properly trained in using that equipment.


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