Submitted by Neal Murphy

"Sticky Hands" by Neal Murphy

September 21, 2018 - When I was pre school age, a trip to Nacogdoches was always an adventure. If I was with my mother we always stopped by the large Perry Brothers Five & Dime store on Main Street in Nacogdoches where I would purchase a small sack of warm cashew nuts. These are my favorite nuts, but they have always been rather expensive.

"Law and Order" by Neal Murphy

September 16, 2018 - Way back when I was in high school I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer. My dad, Cecil, was good friends with James Doherty, the County Attorney in San Augustine at the time, and I had several conversations with him about law school. He encouraged me to go to law school but warned me about the tremendous amount of research and reading required of law students. So, I enrolled in Baylor University in 1956 as a “pre-law” student. 

"Say it with Feeling" by Neal Murphy

September 7, 2018 - When growing up in East Texas in the 1940’s and 1950’s, my mother made sure that I had all kinds of lessons….piano, choir, and one that I remember quite fondly – “Expression”. Now, you younger readers probably never heard of such a thing, but it was a very important matter in my early days of development which has stood me well over the years.

"Attack of the Gerbil" by Neal Murphy

August 20, 2018 - Around 1965 a new store opened in the Meyerland area of Houston, Texas near where we lived. It was a new kind of store, a forerunner of K-Mart or Wal-Mart. It was a “Sage” store, massive in size, and contained most anything any shopper would need. The only thing different was that you had to “join” the club in order to shop there. I recall the price was somewhere around $15.00 per year for the privilege to shop, and you had to show your ID card in order to enter.

“Washer Pitching” by Neal Murphy

August 10, 2018 - When I was in high school during the 1950s, the game of washer pitching (Texas horseshoes) was a favorite pastime of us students. Before school, during the lunch break, and even after school one could see boys pitching washers. Occasionally a girl would participate, but it was mostly a masculine game. I loved to play and got reasonably good at it.

"Miss Kitty" by Neal Murphy

July 31, 2018 - The veterinarian opened the door and said, “You can come back and look at the x-rays now.” As my wife and I examined the film of Miss Kitty’s left front leg the break was evident even to the untrained eye. “The bone shows no sign of healing after a month in the splint”, he explained.

“Made from Scratch” by Neal Murphy

July 17, 2018 - I have often stated that I wish I knew what “scratch” was because I keep hearing people say that they made something from “scratch”. If I knew what it was I could bundle it, can it, or bottle it for sale and make a lot of money. I hear the term “made from scratch” mostly in the world of cooking, as women say with pride that they made that wonderful cake from scratch.


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