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October 11, 2018 (Click here for full official notice with Spanish) - Notice is hereby given that the polling places listed below will be open for 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., November 6, 2018, for voting in the general election to elect Members of Congress, Members of the Legislature, and state, district, county, and precinct officers. 

Locations of the Polling Places

  • Precinct 1 N (Center) at First United Methodist Church, 211 N. Porter Street, Center, Texas 75935 
  • Precinct 1 SO (Center) at Church of Christ, 110 Hurst Street, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 1 SE (Center) at Pineywoods Family Outreach Center, 255 Haley Drive, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 1 SW (Center) at Center Community House, 423 San Augustine Street, Center, Texas 75935 
  • Precinct 1 W (Center) at JOI Ranch Building, 5198 FM 2026, Tenaha, Texas 75974
  • Precinct 2 (Aiken) at Excelsior School, 11270 St. Hwy 7 W, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 3 (Sardis) at Campti Pentecostal Church, 6153 FM 414, Center, Texas 75935
  • Precinct 4 (Huxley) at Lydia Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 14998 FM 139, Shelbyville, Texas 75973
  • Precinct 5 (Joaquin) at First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, 175 Faulkville Road, Joaquin, Texas 75954
  • Precinct 6 (Dreka) at Dreka Pentecostal Church, Fellowship Hall, 1193 FM 2427, Shelbyville, Texas 75973
  • Precinct 7 (Shelbyville) at First Baptist Church - Shelbyville, Fellowship Hall, 5030 SH 87 South, Shelbyville, Texas 75973
  • Precinct 8 (Tenaha) at First United Methodist Church - Schiede Hall, 256 N. George Bowers Drive, Tenaha, Texas 75974
  • Precinct 9N (Timpson) at Texas State Bank, 830 N. 1st Street West, Timpson, Texas 75975
  • Precinct 9S (Timpson) at Timpson School Gym Foyer, 836 Bear Drive, Timpson, Texas 75975

Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted each weekday at: Shelby County Clerk's Office, 124 Austin Street, Center, Texas between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. beginning on October 22, 2018 and ending November 2, 2018.

Early voting schedule:

October 22 - 7am to 7pm
October 23 to Oct 26 - 8am to 4:30pm
October 27 - 10am to 2pm
October 28 - 12noon to 4pm
October 29 - 7am to 7pm
October 30 to Nov 2 - 8am to 4:30pm

Application for ballot by mail shall be mailed to:

Jennifer Fountain - Shelby County Clerk
P.O. Box 1987 or 124 Austin Street
Center, Texas 75935

Application for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on October 26, 2018.

October 10, 2018 - Center Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire early Monday, October 8, 2018 on Cora Street in Center.

When firemen arrived at the residence of Wyndi Welch, just after 3am, flames had already breached the roof on the rear of the house.

As firemen gained entry to the front of the structure, and through the east side, the flames appeared to be increasing in intensity. 

With the benefit of nearby fire hydrants, the CFD ladder truck was utilized to gain an advanced trajectory on the flames and extinguish much of the fire.

The firemen returned to the station at 6:32am.

No one was home at the time of the fire, and the cause remains under investigation.

A dog that lives at the home has gone missing since the fire. The owner has described it as a 13-year-old schnoodle named "Spike." He has a missing back foot and walks with a limp. The dog was last seen around Dr. Golden's Eye Clinic on Louisiana Street. He is an inside dog, is very friendly and loved by his family. Call/text 936-553-7318. Service isn't great, so please text or call 409-625-4245.

October 10, 2018 - The family of Robert Thomas is seeking the public's help in locating him. Robert Thomas is a 50-year-old white male with a medium complexion with brown eyes. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 130 lbs.

He went missing September 10, 2018 from Tenaha, Texas. At the time he was last seen he had dyed brown/gray hair. Thomas was last seen at County Road 4360 and Highway 96 intersection. He left on foot and may be lost in the woods or just wandering. His hair was dyed brown in August and gray should be showing.

Robert Thomas may be in a confused mental state. Please contact the Shelby County, Texas Sheriff's Department and speak Officer Adam Renfro 936-598-1354. Family contacts are 936-572-6263 or 936-572-6662.

October 6, 2018 (Overall results and times) (Album1, Album2, Album3, Album4) - The top overall male and female runners for the 2018 Chicken Trot 5K held Saturday morning was Antonio Chavez and Kendra Waldbusser. Chavez had a time of 13:28 and Waldbusser had a time of 19:58.

For boys, the 2018 Chicken Trot Kids Fun Run winner was Brennan Hulsey. Second place was Brance Dowling and third place winner was Jaxon Goings.

For the girls, the Fun Run winner was Taylor Wilburn. Second place was Dru Moody and third place was Alaina Dean.

Male 0 - 11
1st Place - ALAN VALADEZ (00:24:09.13)

Female 12 - 19
1st place - EMMA KALUZA (00:26:53.86)
2nd place - KAMERON BAILEY (00:27:06.17)
3rd place - MADELYN EAVES (00:27:37.09)

Male 12 - 19
1st place - ANTONIO CHAVEZ (00:13:28.64)
2nd place - JOSE VALADEZ (00:15:34.95)
3rd place - DYLAN DEAN (00:19:49.03)

Female 20 - 29
1st place - GABRIELLE WEST (00:27:08.99)
2nd place - SARA HUGHES (00:32:35.88)
3rd place - KALEY PIGG (00:32:44.34)

Male 20 - 29
1st place - GIOVANNI ANGEL (00:14:19.16)
2nd place - MARSHALL GORHAM (00:15:53.43)

Female 30 - 39
1st place - ANGELA DOWLING (00:23:03.99)
2nd place - TARAH RUDISILL (00:25:51.33)
3rd place - AIDA CASTANEDA (00:26:32.39)

Male 30 - 39
1st place - HEATH BADDER (00:15:50.50)
2nd place - CJ GOINGS (00:19:53.13)
3rd place - DUSTY ARREGUIN (00:22:39.14)

Female 40 - 49
1st place - KENDRA WALDBUSSER (00:19:58.00)
2nd place - SUNSHINE HALEY (00:20:05.14)
3rd place - WANDA MATTHEWS (00:25:57.92)

Male 40 - 49
1st place - JEREMY FENLEY (00:23:18.14)
2nd place - DONNIE MOODY (00:23:52.95)
3rd place - JAY WILSON (00:26:43.30)

Female 50 - 59
1st place - DEBORAH CHADWICK (00:21:45.04)
2nd place - HERMIMA MENDOZA (00:25:00.86)
3rd place - MINYON RIDLEY (00:29:36.40)

Male 50 - 59
1st place - CAYETANO BEATRIZ (00:25:26.86)

Female 60 - 100
1st place - DEBRAH WORSHAM (00:31:29.12)
2nd place - MAVIS CARTER (00:42:46.42)

Male 60 - 100
1st place - JACK ADAIR (00:18:51.15)
2nd place - JIMMY FAUSSETT (00:26:41.37)
3rd place - JACKIE KIRKWOOD (00:27:42.55)

October 9, 2018 - Heavy rains brought flooding to some highways and streets in Shelby County. Below is a list of areas to avoid due to high rain water:

  • Hwy 7 West not far from the Attoyac Bridge
  • Hwy 87 South approximately 3/4 of a mile from Loop 500
  • Intersection of MLK Drive and Shelbyville Street in Center
  • Riggs Street in Center is washed out at the bridge
  • Brown Street in Center
  • Intersection of Hurst Street and Crawford Street roadway appears to be washing away
  • Intersection of Wisman and Shelbyville Street in Center

If you find water across the roadway - turn around, don't drown.

2018 Official Broiler Auction Results

October 9, 2018 - The 2018 East Texas Poultry Festival Broiler Sale was an all-time record sell bringing over $157,500 with the grand champion pen of broilers selling for $10,000.00.

Seventy-five Shelby County 4-H and FFA youth exhibited at this year's show, with 46 pens of broilers making the sale. We would like to give special thanks to the Judge Jacob Coppage for taking the time to come judge the show. Mr. Coppage spoke to several of the exhibitors and gave them several tips of how to grow an outstanding Broiler.

The Results of the show are as follows:

Addison Lloyd of Shelby County 4-H sold her grand champion pen of broilers to Border’s Poultry Supply for $10,000.00. 

Trista Britt of Center FFA won reserve champion honors with her pen of broilers, which sold to Farmer’s State Bank for $8,500.

Other Shelby County 4-H and FFA members selling their pens and buyers were:

3. Wade Collard, Center FFA; East Texas Poultry and Ace Hardware of East Texas; $3,500.00 
4. Hannah Wages, Center FFA; Tyson-Carthage; $2,500.00
5. Julie Bird, Center FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, General Shelters and Hunter Building; $3,000.00 
6. Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA; Link Charolais, and Odessa Link Farms; $2,500.00
7. Kenley Ramos, Center FFA; T&R Terminals; $4,000.00 
8. Cale Cornelius, Timpson FFA; Spartan structures and High Rollers; $4,000.00
9. Chance Shuemaker, Joaquin FFA; Pilgrim’s Pride; $2,300.00
10. Hagan Craig, Center FFA; High Rollers; $4,100.00
11. Mason Perry, Center FFA; Sandhill Wrecker, $4,000.00
12. Sayre Hall, Center FFA; Wiggins Farms and Elite Hair Design; $2,500.00
13. Logan Holloway, Center FFA; McAdams Propane; $3,750.00
14. Holli Hamilton, Joaquin FFA; Shelby County Farm Bureau; $2,500.00
15. David Barton, Jr., Shelby County 4-H; Pilgrim’s Pride; $2,600.00
16. Collin Lloyd, Shelby County 4-H; Sandhill Wrecker; $2,750.00
17. Maddox Hutchins, Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, General Shelters and Hunter Buildings; $2,200.00
18. Guner Youngblood, Shelby County 4-H; Bird/Crawford Forestry; $3,000.00
19. Jase Bird, Center FFA; Texas State Bank; $3,700.00
20. Maddie Russell, Center FFA; Raymond Construction, Spartan Structures and East Texas Surveying and Mapping; $2,800.00
21. Grant Gregory, Center FFA; Wiggins Whitetails; $2,400.00
22. Lance Holloway, Center FFA; Sandhill Wrecker; $6,500.00
23. Gracie Boyd, Shelby County 4-H; Bird/Crawford Forestry; $2,500.00
24. Autumn Webb, Joaquin FFA; K&L Contractors, JML Management, ULTRA, Klein Cattle, Chubby Chicks; $2,200.00
25. Rylan Barbee, Shelby County 4-H; 96 Equipment Inc. and Center Welding; $2,500.00
26. Josiah Menefee, Shelby County 4-H; Tyson-Carthage; $3,500.00 
27. Dylan Lout, Shelby County 4-H; Despino Tire; $3,250.00 
28. Evan O’Rear, Shelby County 4-H; Double “O” Operating, Trails Inn Grocery, and MKO Trucking; $3,500.00
29. Wesley Wages, Center FFA; East Texas Poultry and Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,900.00
30. Ezekiel Richey, Shelby County 4-H; Wiggins Farms and Elite Hair Design; $2,500.00
31. Ryker Tomlin, Shelby County 4-H; High Rollers; $4,500.00
32. Emilee Elliott, Center FFA; Hawkeye Hunting Club; $3,500.00
33. Brayden Britt, Deep East Texas Electric Co-op.; $2,200.00
34. Camille Greer, Shelby County 4-H; Spartan Structures and Venado Creek; $3,000.00
35. Alexis Clouse, Joaquin FFA; McAdams Propane; $2,400.00
36. Mason Hughes, Joaquin FFA; Bird/Crawford Forestry; $2,500.00
37. Madison Hicks, Tenaha FFA; Sandhill Wrecker; $2,600.00
38. Laura Ann Scull, Shelby County 4-H; Bird/Crawford Forestry and Windham Family Dental; $3,700.00
39. Autum Andrusick, Center FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, General Shelters and Hunter Buildings; $2,750.00
40. Eli Bush, Shelby County 4-H; 4 “B” Trucking and the late Ron Hairgrove Foundation; $3,200.00
41. Carson Crouch, Shelby County 4-H; Rydaco Investments; $4,500.00
42. Anna Holland, Tenaha FFA; Heritage Land Bank; $2,750.00
43. Aspen Pritchett, Joaquin FFA; Tyson-Carthage; $3,500.00
44. Zoie Eberenz, Center FFA; Deep East Texas Electric Co-op., R&D Distributing, and Fish & Still Equipment; $3,000.00
45. Camryn Crouch, Shelby County 4-H; Tyson-Center; $4,250.00
46. Carter Bell, Shelby County 4-H; $3,250.00; Center Motor Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet, and Center ATV

Logan Holloway, a senior at Center High School, will be awarded a $500 scholarship from Shelby Savings Bank for being the highest placing senior with his pen of broilers and Center’s awards ceremony. 

Thanks go to Boles Feed for the purchase of the wing band and the wing-banding for the broilers. 
Shelby Savings Bank, General Shelters, and Hunter Buildings added $50.00 per pen. First Financial Bank also added $50.00 per pen.

Bird/Crawford Forestry then brought every pen that was under $2,500.00 up to $2,500.00

Also contributing to the sale were: Tyson-Carthage, Shelby Savings Bank, Boles Feed, McAdams Propane, Farmers State Bank, Sabine State Bank, Bird/Crawford Forestry, Pilgrim’s Pride, Borders Poultry Supply, Deep East Texas Electric Co-op., Ace Hardware of East Texas, East Texas Poultry, Shelby County Farm Bureau, Rydaco, 4-C Electric, First Financial Bank, 4-L Logging, Austin Bank-Timpson, Texas State Bank, East Texas Surveying & Mapping, Judge Allison Harbison, Tyson-Center, Hawkeye Hunting Club, Hunter Buildings, Michael/Jessica Kay, General Shelters, Silva-Tech, Action Credit, Heritage Land Bank, Payne’s Community News, Center Welding, Lease Operating Services, Link Charolais, Odessa Link Farms, R&D Distributing, Fish & Still Equipment Double “O” Operating, Shelby Veterinary Associates, Trails End Grocery, Citizens Bank, Center Tire Company, David & Renea Sanders, Payne’s Rentals, 96 Equipment Inc. Buddy & Paula Kay, Keith Oswalt Logging, Elite Hair Design, Wiggins Farms, Mettauer Law Firm, Few Ready Mix, Wheeler Law Office, Smith Sawmill Services, Dairy Queen, Bounds Insurance, Light & Champion Newspaper, Fairchild Law Office, Ihlo Sales & Imports, Elliott Waldron Title Company, Raymond Motor Company, Ward Animal Clinic, Shelbyville Grocery, Steel Building Supply, Shoop Financial, Wayne Christian Financial, Cobb/Vantress Hatchery, Despino Tire, Dean’s Hardware, Worsham Grocery, Mathews Real Estate, K&L Contractors, JML Management, ULTRA, Klein Cattle Company, and Chubby Chicks.

We would like to take this time to say “thank you” from the Shelby County 4-H and FFA members, and the Broiler Show Committee to Contributors for their generous contributions and to the many volunteers that help make the annual “Broiler Show and Auction” the great event that it is every year!

Submitted by Lane Dunn, County Extension Agent - AG

Editor's Note: Two photos failed to upload into the album. Those photos have been added and all of the exhibitors are in the photo album now.

October 6, 2018 (Photo Album) - The 2018 Shelby County Poultry Festival Broiler Show Sale is over and the below results are unofficial. Official results will be posted as soon as they are provided by the AgriLife Extension Office.

  • Grand Champion - Addison Lloyd (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Borders Poultry Supply for $10,000. Lloyd received a Champion Belt Buckle from 4L Logging.
  • Reserve Grand - Trista Britt (Center FFA) sold to Farmers State Bank for $8,500.
  • 3rd place - Wade Collard (Center FFA) sold to East Texas Poultry Supply and Ace Hardware of East Texas for $3,500.
  • 4th place - Hannah Wages (Center FFA) sold to Tyson Carthage for $2,500.
  • 5th place - Julie Bird (Center FFA) sold to Shelby Savings Bank and General Shelters for $3,000.
  • 6th place - Abi Hooper (Joaquin FFA) sold to Link Charlais and Odessa Link Farms for $2,500.
  • 7th place - Kenley Ramos (Center FFA) sold to T&R Terminals for $4,000.
  • 8th place - Cale Cornelius (Timpson FFA) sold to Spartan Structures and High Roller Wells for $4,000.
  • 9th place - Chance Shuemaker (Joaquin FFA) sold to Pilgrim's Pride for $2,300.
  • 10th place - Hagan Craig (Center FFA) sold to High Roller Wells for $4,100.
  • 11th place - Mason Perry (Center FFA) sold to Sandhill Wrecker for $4,000.
  • 12th place - Sayre Hall (Center FFA) sold to Wiggins Farm and Elite Hair Design for $2,500.
  • 13th place - Logan Holloway (Center FFA) sold to McAdams Propane for $3,750 and he received a $500 scholarship from Shelby Savings Bank for highest placing senior.
  • 14th place - Holli Hamilton (Joaquin FFA) sold to Farm Bureau for $2,500.
  • 15th place - David Barton, Jr. (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Pilgrim's Pride for $2,600.
  • ​16th place - Collin Lloyd (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Sandhill Wrecker $2,750.
  • 17th place - Maddox Hutchins (Joaquin FFA) sold to Shelby Savings Bank and General Shelters for $2,200.
  • 18th place - Gunner Youngblood (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Bird and Crawford Forestry for $3,000.
  • 19th place - Jase Bird (Center FFA) sold to Texas State Bank for $3,700.
  • 20th place - Maddie Russell (Center FFA) sold to sold to Spartan Structures, Raymond Construction, and East Texas Surveying and Mapping for $2,700.
  • 21st place - Grant Gregory (Center FFA) sold to Wiggins Whitetails for $2,400.
  • 22nd place - Lance Holloway (Center FFA) sold to Sandhill Wrecker for $6,500.
  • 23rd place - Gracie Boyd (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Bird and Crawford Forestry for $2,500.
  • 24th place - Autumn Webb (Joaquin FFA) sold for $2,200. (Buyer information to be added)
  • 25th place - Rylan Barbee (Shelby County 4-H) sold to 96 Equipment and Center Welding for $2,500.
  • 26th place - Josiah Menefee (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Tyson Carthage for $3,500.
  • 27th place - Dylan Lout (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Despino Tire for $3,250.
  • 28th place - Evan O'Rear (Shelby County 4-H) sold to MKO Trucking, Trails End, and Double “O” Operating for $3,500.
  • 29th place - Wesley Wages (Center FFA) sold to East Texas Poultry Supply and Ace Hardware of East Texas for $2,900.
  • 30th place - Ezekiel Richey (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Wiggins Farm and Elite Hair Design for $2,500.
  • 31st place - Ryker Tomlin (Shelby County 4-H) sold to High Roller Wells for $4,500.
  • 32nd place - Emilee Elliott (Center FFA) sold to Hawkeye Hunting Club for $3,600.
  • 33rd place - Brayden Britt (Center FFA) sold to Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative for $2,200.
  • 34th place - Camille Greer (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Spartan Structures for $3,000.
  • 35th place - Alexis Clouse (Joaquin FFA) sold to McAdams Propane for $2,400.
  • 36th place - Mason Hughes (Joaquin FFA) sold to Bird and Crawford Foresty for $2,500.
  • 37th place - Madison Hicks (Tenaha FFA) sold to Sandhill Wrecker for $2,600.
  • 38th place - Laura Ann Scull (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Bird and Crawford Foresty for $3,700. (Additional buyer information will be added)
  • 39th place - Autumn Andrusick (Center FFA) sold to Shelby Savings Bank, General Shelters, and Hunter Buildings for $2,750.
  • 40th place - Eli Bush (Shelby County 4-H) sold to 4B Trucking and the late Ron Hairgrove for $3,200.
  • 41st place - Carson Crouch (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Rydaco Investments for $4,500.
  • 42nd place - Anna Holland (Tenaha FFA) sold to Heritage Land Bank for $2,750.
  • 43rd place - Aspen Pritchett (Joaquin FFA) sold to Tyson Carthage for $3,500.
  • 44th place - Zoie Eberenz (Center FFA) sold to R&D Distributing, Fish and Stills, and Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative for $3,000.
  • 45th place - Camryn Crouch (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Tyson Center for $4,250.
  • 46th place - Carter Bell (Shelby County 4-H) sold to Center Motor Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet, and Center ATV for $3,250.

October 8, 2018 - According to the Tenaha Police Department, at approximately 8:53pm on October 6, 2018, dispatch notified Tenaha Police Department of a stolen motor vehicle in the 600 block of Booker T. Washington. Within minutes Captain Joey Hudnall and Officer Jonathan Newton located the vehicle abandoned in a gully on Martin Luther King Street. The vehicle was recovered and the owner of the vehicle has been notified. The recovered vehicle has been secured as evidence pending an ongoing investigation.

October 4, 2018 - An order removing Jenny Hicks from the Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 office was signed by Charles Mitchell, 273rd District Court Judge, Thursday, October 4, 2018.

According to court documents, Hicks was previously presented with a citation to appear in court August 12, 2018, however, was not present on that date. Court records also indicate, the citation was filed since July 5, 2018 and is therefore right for default.

After considering the pleadings, evidence and argument of counsel Judge Mitchell ordered, adjudged and decreed Hicks is hereby removed from the position of Justice of the Peace Precinct 4. 

As there is a vacancy in the office, and Hicks is no longer entitled to pay, or any benefits, including but not limited to insurance coverage derived from said office. 

A petition for the temporary suspension of Hicks was filed by Gary Rholes, Shelby County Attorney, in the 123rd Judicial District Court in July 2018. 

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Petition to Remove JP Hicks Filed

JP Hicks Served with Temporary Suspension of Precinct 4 Office

2018 ETPF Queen Abigail Hooper is seen during the official feather cutting ceremony opening the 42nd Annual East Texas Poultry Festival.

October 4, 2018 - (Album) - The 42nd Annual East Texas Poultry Festival (ETPF) is open! Ceremonies were held Thursday, October 4, 2018, under the big tent on the Center square.

Josh Payne, 42nd East Texas Poultry Festival Chairman, welcomed everyone to the opening ceremonies and introduced Allison Harbison, Shelby County Judge, and David Chadwick, City of Center Mayor/Farmers State Bank President, as well as Bryan Wages, Chairman of Chamber Board.

"This morning as the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce salutes the poultry industry for its enormous positive economic impact on Shelby County. We wouldn't be here without the poultry industry," said Payne.

Bro. Bobby Bressman, First Baptist Church, gave the invocation. Center High School band performed the National Anthem under the direction of Chris Smith.

Timpson Kindergarten students led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

After each of the ETPF Queen’s court introduced themselves, Abigail Hooper performed the ceremonial cutting of the feathers and the 42nd ETPF was declared open.