April 10, 2015 - My name is Marvin and I’ll be giving a weekly fishing update from Huxley Bay Marina.

If you haven’t been out crappie fishing you need to be. Hearing reports from fisherman catching crappie with minnows and little jigs (personally I’m using a jig and crappie nibbler). Fish your favorite structure or in the shallows. Motion seems to be helping get the strikes at the moment.

The large Mouth Bass are a hit and miss right now. Hearing some people have been catching them but no solid pattern yet. With a little good weather to help clear up the water the fish strikes should start picking up.

Those of you who like to fish trout lines; I’ve gotten reports of a few people getting some Flat Head Catfish. My neighbor managed to get about 300lbs of Blues and a very impressive 67lb Flat Head in one run of his trout lines.

As we see nice fish coming through Huxley Bay Marina we will be posting them on our Facebook page. Feel free to check them out at

April 9, 2015 - The Junior and Senior teams started the National Tournament off with a bang by winning their first games yesterday afternoon. The Juniors beat Frankston while the Senior boys took care of Martin's Mill.

Today the Junior boys kept their winning streak alive by beating Buffalo 34-19. The Senior boys lost by only 3 points to Snook. Both Tiger squads face rematches with Grapeland tonight.

Thank you again to all the people who bought t-shirts, raffle tickets, and baked goods to help send our boys to Nocona.
They are doing a great job representing our school and community.

April 9, 2015 - Joaquin took the overall team District Champions in both Boys and Girls . The first and second place finishers in each division advance to regionals in Corsicana April 20th and 21st.

District 22-2A Tennis Results:

Girls' Singles - Kaitlyn Scruggs, Joaquin (1st place); Annabella Lowden, Martinsville (2nd place); Alexis Byrd, Joaquin (3rd place); Brooke McClure, Tenaha (4th place)

Girls' Doubles - Daylana Daw / Maci McDaniel, Joaquin (1st place); Jaz Atkins / Jacy Williams, Joaquin (2nd place)

Boys' Singles - Lewis Blount, Joaquin (1st place); Justin Webster, Joaquin (2nd place); Dalton Pulver, Martinsville (3rd place)

Boys' Doubles - Josh Darnielle / Colby Hamilton, Joaquin (1st place); Colton Goeke / Andy Ward, Tenaha (2nd place); Levi Enloe / Noah Berney, Martinsville (3rd place); Mathew Hughes / Kaleb Wilburn, Joaquin (4th place)

Mixed Doubles - Christipher Lightfoot / Brooklyn Smith, Joaquin (1st place); Blake Enloe/ Daisy Sequeda, Martinsville (2nd place); Colby Wilson / Haley Moon, Martinsville (3rd place); Justin Bailey / Katelyn Martinez, Joaquin (4th place)

April 9, 2015 - Joaquin ISD Golf Team competed in the District meet on Monday, April 6th at Carthage Country Club. Both teams placed 2nd in the district making them regional qualifiers. Dalayna Daw was a 1st place medalist.

Girls: Caitlyn Gates, Nikki Cox, Maci McDaniel, Dalayna Daw, Sydney Harville, Kendall Smith (not pictured).

Boys: Reagan Hovey, Vic Patel, Lewis Blount, Adam Mason, Cole Powdrill, and Dalton Wheless.

April 8, 2015 - The Center Roughrider Varsity Soccer team continues their march to State after a win over Little Cypress Mauriceville on Tuesday. The Riders are scheduled to play at A&M Consolidated on Friday, April 10th at 5 PM versus Furr.

If they win, they are scheduled to play on Saturday at 4:00 PM against the winner of Palestine versus Scarborough. Entrance will be $5 for students and $10 for adults.

The address for the stadium is: 1801 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, College Station, TX 77840

April 8, 2015 - Recently, Center High School Senior, Devincent Hoyt, under the coaching of Bryan Clay, attended the State Powerlifting Meet in Abilene. Devincent has had a successful career in powerlifting that has taken him post-season level multiple times. Competing in the 242 pound weight class, he marked a squat of 600, bench press of 385, and a dead lift of 560.

The grand total was 1,545 lbs. earning him the sixth place medal at State. Devincent was also the recipient of the $1000 scholarship. Congratulations to Devincent and Coach Clay on a successful season!

April 8, 2015 - The Tenaha Tigers traveled to Gary with heavy hearts to take on their district rival Gary Bobcats. Only a few days after losing a cherished team member, bat boy, Cole DePriest. Cole, the son of Coach David DePriest and wife Colette Cross DePriest, was a much loved and integral part of the team. Tenaha played with purpose and brought home a victory for Cole. 4 - 3 was the final score but not the end of the story.

Tenaha did not wear their classic Tiger jerseys. Instead every player wore a T with the words "Cole Man" on the front and "DePriest" on the back in memory of and in respect to Cole and his family.

After every game Cole would slide into first or third base depending on which dugout Tenaha occupied. Over and over until you couldn't tell where the dirt stopped and the kid started. After the game, each team member took turns sliding into first base as a symbol of the love they have for Cole and is family.

Tenaha's victory was dedicated to Cole Howard DePriest .....God love and keep you little man.

April 7, 2015 - On Thursday, April ​2​nd the Center FFA Forestry team competed at a 5 county district contests against over 25 other teams and over 100 individual students. Results are as follows:

Overall Team Placing - 1st in our district

Individual Placings:
Dalton Alexander - 1st place individual
Kamden Lucan - 2nd place individual
Zack Fausett - 3rd place individual
Nate Morris - 4th place individual

Also participating: Logan Speedy

These students have worked extremely hard and will compete at the State Woodland Clinic on Wednesday, April 22nd at SFA. Our other Career Development Teams will compete this week at their Area contest for a chance to qualify for state.

April 7, 2015 - The Center Roughriders Special Olympics Team participated in the Gilmer Track meet on April 2nd. The Roughriders brought home multiple medals in the following races:

Thomas Dean - (2nd place) 100 yd. dash / (2nd place) shot put / (2nd place) relay
Ashton Campbell - (1st place) 100 yd. dash /(1st place) turbo jav / (2nd place) relay
Michael Casey - (1st place) 100 yd. dash / (1st place) softball throw / (2nd place) relay
Luis Morales - (3rd place) 100 yd. dash / (1st place) softball throw / (2nd place) relay
Michael Ruark - (2nd place) 100 yd. dash / (2nd place) shot put
Jacob Covington - (2nd place) 100 yd.dash / (3rd place) shot put
Julie Wilkinson - (2nd place) 50yd. dash / (2nd place) softball throw
Stephanie Puckett - (3rd place) 50 yd. dash / (2nd place) ball toss
Christasha Mosby - (1st place) 100 yd.dash / (1st place) softball throw

The Roughriders are hosting their annual home Special Olympics Track Meet on Thursday, April 16th at Roughrider Stadium.

April 7, 2015 - The Timpson Middle School performed well in the district meet which was held in Beckville with both the 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys winning the district championship. Middle School track results are:

7th Grade Girls - District Champs

4x100 Relay - (1st place team) Sanaa Curtis, Keke Perkins, Ashton Harris, Sadie Ramsey
800M Dash - Sadie Ramsey (1st place)
100M Dash - DaeDae Grace (2nd place), Sanna Curtis (4th place)
4x200 Relay - (1st place team) Kaleigh Timmons, Sanaa Curtis, Tahlia Wallace, Ke Ke Perkins
400M Dash - TJ Dickey (1st place)
300 Hurdles - Brittany Hutto (1st place)
4x400 Relay - (1st place team) Tahlia Wallace, Ke Ke Perkins, Ashton Harris, Sadie Ramsey
Discus - Sandra Cuevas (1st place)
Triple Jump - Ashton Harris (5th place)
High Jump - Sadie Ramsey (1st place)
Long Jump - Ashton Harris (2nd place), Sanaa Curtis (6th place)
Shot - Sandra Cuevas (5th place)
2400M Run - Ashton Harris (3rd place)
200M Dash - Tahlia Wallace (1st place), Daedae Grace (2nd place)
1200M Run - TJ Dickey (5th place)
100M Hurdles - Brittiany Hutto (2nd place)

8th Grade Girls

High Jump - Emily Garcia (2nd place)
Discus - Jakaria Deckard (4th place)
800M Run - Macy Hanson (4th place)
100M Dash - Samaria Richards (4th place)
400M Dash - Samaria Richards (4th place), Macy Hanson (6th place)
300M Hurdles - Emily Garcia (2nd place)
200M Dash - Samaria Richards (4th place)
1200M Run - Emily Garcia (4th place)

7th Grade Boys

4x100 Relay - (3rd place team) Sheldon Earl, Chris Lewis, Trey Box, Reid Peace
100M Dash - Sheldon Earl (2nd place)
4x200 Relay - (3rd place team) Sheldon Earl, Chris Lewis, Trey Box, Reid Peace
200M Dash - Chris Lewis (3rd place)
Discus - Zackary Molloy (3rd place)

8th Grade Boys - District Champs

Shot - Nictaeo Scourton (1st place)
Discus - Hunter Sample (6th place)
Triple Jump - Jordan Osby (1st place)
High Jump - Jordan Osby (2nd place), Kendall Davis (3rd place)
4x100 Relay - (1st place team) Kendall Davis, Jordan Osby, Bobby Williams, Nictaeo Scourton
800M Run - Tydric Wilson (3rd place)
110M Hurdles - Jordan Osby (1st place)
100M Dash - Kendall Davis (1st place), Tristan Smith (4th place)
4x200 Relay - (1st place team) Kendall Davis, Jordan Osby, Bobby Williams, Tristan Smith
200M Dash - Bobby Williams (1st place), Cade Hopson (6th place)
400M Dash - Hunter Sample (3rd place)
4x400 Relay - (3rd place team) - Hunter Sample, Cade Hopson, DeCamerin Berry, Tyric Wilson
300M Hurdles - Decamerin Berry (3rd place)
1200M Run - Tydric Wilson (1st place)
Long Jump - Bobby Williams (1st place)