Filing for 2018 March Primary Closes with 6 Races Unopposed Locally (Updated)

December 11, 2017 - The deadline for filing for a place on the 2018 March Primary ballot was 6pm Monday, December 11, 2017 and closed with 6 races unopposed. Candidates who filed locally primarily filed with the Republican Party with only one filing with the Democratic Party.

According to the Texas Secretary of State, Roland Pablos, the following candidates filed with the Republican and Democratic Parties of Texas.

Local Races:
District Judge, 273rd Judicial District (1 Candidate) - James A. (Jim) Payne, Jr. (REP)
County Judge (1 Candidate) - Allison Harbison (REP, Incumbent)
District Clerk (1 Candidate) - Lori Oliver (REP, Incumbent)
County Clerk (1 Candidate) - Jennifer Fountain (REP, Incumbent)
County Treasurer (2 Candidates) - Ann Blackwell (REP, Incumbent) and Donna Whitney (REP)
County Commissioner PCT 2 (1 Candidate) - Jimmy Lout (REP, Incumbent)
County Commissioner PCT 4 (4 Candidates) - Bradley Allen (REP, Incumbent), Kevin Foster (REP), Sammy K Todd (REP), and Tom Bellmyer (REP)
Justice of the Peace PCT 1 (3 Candidates) - Melissa Crouch (REP, Incumbent), Randy Robertson (REP), and Tommy Moody (REP)
Justice of the Peace PCT 2 (1 Candidate) - Marla Denby (REP, Incumbent)
Justice of the Peace PCT 3 (3 Candidates) - Darrell Alford (REP), Deborah Sharp (REP), and Margie Anderson (REP, Incumbent)
Justice of the Peace PCT 4 (2 Candidates) - Jackie Kirkwood (REP) and Jenny L. Hicks (DEM, Incumbent) *Updated Information
Justice of the Peace PCT 5 (2 Candidates) - Tracy Broadway (REP) and Vernett Richardson (REP)

Federal and State Races:
U. S. Senator (5 Candidates) - Beto O'Rourke (DEM), Edward Kimbrough (DEM), Geraldine Sam (REP), Mary Miller (REP), and Ted Cruz (REP, Incumbent)
U. S. Representative District 1 (3 Candidates) - Brent Beal (DEM), Louie Gohmert (REP, Incumbent), and Roshin Rowjee (REP)
Governor (12 Candidates) - Adrian Ocegueda (DEM), Andrew White (DEM), Cedric Davis, Sr. (DEM), Demetria Smith (DEM), Grady Yarbrough (DEM), Greg Abbott (REP, Incumbent), James Jolly Clark (DEM), Jeffrey Payne (DEM), Joe Mumbach (DEM), Lupe Valdez (DEM), SECEDE Kilgore (REP), and Tom Wakely (DEM)
Lieutenant Governor (4 Candidates) - Dan Patrick (REP, Incumbent), Michael Cooper (DEM), Mike Collier (DEM), and Scott Milder (DEM)
Attorney General (2 Candidates) - Justin Nelson (DEM) and Ken Paxton (REP, Incumbent)
Comptroller of Public Accounts (2 Candidates) - Glenn Hegar (REP, Incumbent) and Tim Mahoney (DEM)
Commissioner of the General Land Office (4 Candidates) - Davey Edwards (REP), George P. Bush (REP, Incumbent), Miguel Suazo (DEM), and Rick Range (REP)
Commissioner of Agriculture (2 Candidates) - Kim Olson (DEM) and Sid Miller (REP, Incumbent)
Railroad Commissioner (2 Candidates) - Christi Craddick (REP, Incumbent) and Roman McAllen (DEM)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2 (1 Candidate) - Steven Kirkland (DEM)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4 (2 Candidates) - John Devine (REP, Incumbent), and R.K. Sandill (DEM)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6 (2 Candidates) - Jeff Brown (REP, Incumbent) and Kathy Cheng (DEM)
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals (1 Candidate) - Maria T. (Terri) Jackson (DEM)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7 (1 Candidate) - Ramona Franklin (DEM)
State Senator, District 3 (1 Candidate) - Robert Nichols (REP, Incumbent)
State Representative District 9 (2 Candidates) - Chris Paddie (REP, Incumbent), and Garrett Boersma (REP)
Justice, 12th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 (1 Candidate) - Greg Neeley (REP, Incumbent)