By Doug Fincher

Running Other People’s Hooks

Thou God seest me…” Genesis 16:13

November 13, 2017 - Mill Creek was four miles from where we lived in Center, Texas…at least it was four miles if you walked the railroad tracks like we did. It was a clear, spring-fed and a perfect place to fish and swim. And the surrounding woods were our favorite place to hunt squirrels. It was also Center’s sole water supply back then.

The Shotgun Wedding (By Doug Fincher)

November 6, 2017 - "Marriage is honorable in all…..."   Hebrews 13:4 
In 1975 I built a gun shop in Lumberton, Texas. It was located on busy Highway 96...the perfect location for the people on their way to and from work at Beaumont’s Chemical plants.  That year I also took some night courses at Lamar University to work towards my Master's Degree. 

Jaime Mitchell by Doug Fincher

Let your lights shine before men….” Matt. 5:16
October 30, 2017 - Jaime cooks at the Waffle House in Norcross, Georgia.  His cooking prowess, mild manner, combat boots, jeans and large earring kept Pam and me entertained long after we finished eating. As stressed-out waitresses barked their orders, Jaime calmly flipped omelets while arranging chicken strips and burgers on the crowded grille. Thanking the waitresses for each order, he intermittently washed dishes and answered the phone.


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