About Shelby County Today

Shelby County Today Changes Ownership

In March 2005, a vision was born. We stepped out into the new realm of the Internet news’ world. As with most new businesses; we had no clue if it would fly or not. But from the beginning, we asked for our community’s involvement as we strove to provide an easy and safe place for our community news, events, classifieds, photos and much more. And you responded in full.

We know we didn’t do a perfect job. But you were always understanding; knowing that we did have limited staff and resources. No one was a professional here. We had to adjust our way of doing things and our way of thinking minute by minute. There are times getting the truth of “hard” news is difficult to come by. But our biggest asset has been reporting the news of our “community”. Nothing is ever too big or too small to post and we think you appreciate that.

Now, believe it or not, it is five years later and we are still a partnership. The Lord has blessed us with an ever-growing number of viewers, contributors and sponsors, with an average of over 650,000 page views per month.

It was a lucky day for us when our assistant, J.J. Ford, walked in, January 2007, at our new office on the square and said she would like to work for us. Her computer knowledge is extensive as well as her ability to work with the public.

Now we are happy to tell you that we are turning over the torch of ownership and management to J.J. This was not an easy decision. But it is the right time for her and has become the right time for us.

J.J.’s mother, Vickie (Sample) Martin has just retired from the Workforce Center and will come on board to work with her. Our other assistant, Leah Williams, will remain also. Richard will be available as a consultant as needed.

Knowing that J.J. will operate SCT with the same vision will make this transition a much easier one and we believe it will go on to be even bigger and better.

We say again, Thank You all from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions, assistance, patience and understanding. We asked that you continue to be there for J.J. and we know you will.

Richard & Rita Hughes

Early Days of Shelby County Today

With your help, we have provided a safe, easy to use, place on the Web for everyone in relation to Shelby County to post news items, create a unified community calendar and share photos and other information with up-to-date minute by minute news.

This is a place where you take the lead by submitting your information. We believe that Shelby County Today should be a conversation online. We promise to be open, accessible and easy to contact. With your help, we will, continuously, improve Shelby County Today and the Shelby County community.

Shelby County Today was started in March 2005 by Richard and Rita Hughes. We have been blessed with a growing number of viewers, contributors and sponsors. We are now averaging over 550,000 page views per month and continue to grow. Thanks to our sponsors, this service continues to be free to everyone else online.

If not already, you can become a part of Shelby County Today. You can contribute by becoming a sponsor, sending us your information and photos on events or by just being a viewer and enjoying the site - and by thanking and shopping with our sponsors.

There are many things to do in Shelby County and many wonderful people. Just to name a few of our events: Our East Texas Poultry Festival, What-A-Melon Festival, Timpson’s Frontier Days Festival, Take a Kid Fishing, Lighted Christmas Parades, Tenaha’s 4th of July Program & Fireworks, LAAL events, school events and the list goes on and on.

We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing our relationship with everyone in Shelby County .

202 Field Street, Center , TX 75935
936-591-9334 or 936-332-4845