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Due to the volume of annoucements that SCT receives, we will post no more than 1 picture per person. Any announcements that we receive over that amount, only the text will be posted to one of the already posted photos. SCT appreciates everyone sending in their announcements. This policy change is necessary for maximum website optimization.

Example: If we receive 5 announcements wishing 'J.J. Ford' a happy birthday and each announcement has a photo, only the first photo will be posted and the remaining announcements received with be combined with the first.

The Family of Bob and Patsy Fairchild want to announce their 69th Wedding Anniversary January 30, 2019. Their love just keeps getting stronger and stronger as the years go on.

The children of J.T. and Jeanie Rhodes wish their parents a happy 50th Anniversary. They are hosting a reception on Saturday, August 4th from 2pm to 4pm at the Tennessee Community Center, 5730 FM 947, Timpson, Texas. It is a come and go reception. No gifts please.

Happy 8 year anniversary to my beautiful bride Christina Whitton, here’s to many many more together, 8 years and 3 children later for a total of 5 I love you more that ever