Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary (May 11th) to my wife, Anita Jones! We both have been totally dedicated and true for the full 33 years and planning for 33 more. We are both life long Shelby county residents and have a daughter, 2 grandsons and 2 Great-granddaughters. I could have searched a lot longer for a wife and would have found several, but none could never have been like the Woman I have shared My life with. (Nan) It’s True, not all days were walks in the park holding hands, but We never said We did not want each other anymore or let anyone talk down about the other. I would do it again all over if I could, but that option is a once around the block kinda ride. What a Ride it’s been… Especially when She Drives. All My love Sweetie… Bobby J. (Click here to share announcement)

Happy Anniversary to the one who still takes my breath away! Melvin and Mary Broadway (September 2nd)

Happy anniversary to Bobby and Rhonda Hendricks Sr. June 21!

Congratulations to Dr. Ken and Elma Jones Hinson for 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 20. They were college seniors at Prairie View University at the time, in 1969 and had been high school classmates at Daniels High graduating in 1966. They both have had prosperous professional careers in their field of study in college before retirement. Happy Anniversary from many friends and family.

Happy 30th anniversary to Tommy and Tabitha Williams who are amazing parents, grandparents and friends!! We love y'all Cidnee, Antonio, JaMonté, Amiyah, and Kyle

July 18, 2015, surrounded by our close friends and family, I got to take your last name. I'm so glad I get to go on this journey called life with you. Happy anniversary Benny Smith. Here's to many many more. Thank you for being my husband. With all of my love, Christina.

July 18th - Happy anniversary Christina and Benny Smith. We love y’all Mama Dad and Dallas

Happy Anniversary to my loving wife, Wendy Wilburn, for our 22 years together! I love you more today than yesterday! I've enjoyed all the years we've had together and look forward to the years ahead. Love your husband, J.

The Family of Bob and Patsy Fairchild want to announce their 69th Wedding Anniversary January 30, 2019. Their love just keeps getting stronger and stronger as the years go on.

The children of J.T. and Jeanie Rhodes wish their parents a happy 50th Anniversary. They are hosting a reception on Saturday, August 4th from 2pm to 4pm at the Tennessee Community Center, 5730 FM 947, Timpson, Texas. It is a come and go reception. No gifts please.