Happy birthday to Bobby Hendricks SR… September 8th

Happy birthday to Joan Garrett! Joan shared… “I will be 75 years old and blessed to be that age. I am still in Houston and feel sad because my visits to Center are limited because of the pandemic. Birthdays are something to celebrate and it is great when it is celebrated with family… my birthday will be celebrated throughout the month of August.” (Click here to share this announcement.)

(April 13th) Happy Birthday : B. Kyle Hendricks : We Luv U : So proud of the Man u have become : Mom and Dad

Happy 54th Birthday on November 22 to Glen A. Weatherford. Jesus Loves Me (1 John 4: 19)  (Click here to share announcement)

A Very Happy Birthday today to Tommy Lee Amburn aka Shotgun. My best friend and my world. Big 55! ~ Taunua (Click here to share announcement)

Happy 18th Birthday to Mj Lister on November 11th! Lots of love from your Mom and Kasia (Click here to share announcement)

Birthdays Come Once a Year

August 4 was another birthday for Joan Garrett, now living in Houston, Texas. She is a former resident of Center and a former member of the Daniels Alumni Reunion Committee. Age is just a number as she turns 74 years old. Blessed every morning to see a new day. Joan is retired and spends her day at a local Senior Citizen Center for 3 hours playing cards or dominoes and get a hot meal. Some days she does arts and crafts there. After she leaves Joan may go to the library to browse books, or use the computer, or write entries into her journal. Birthdays are something to celebrate. By her birthday being on the first of the month, her plan is to celebrate all of August. Beware, you may see her in Center one weekend. (Click here to share this announcement.)

Happy birthday to Rhonda Gail Moore Hendricks! March 11

Happy Birthday Mrs. Josephine known as "Mama Jo" to this community! (2/22) We are blessed to have you here and Thank God for blessing you with another year! Anyone that knows her knows that she is full of wisdom and very encouraging words and stories! Her heart is very big and her smile is definitely contagious! We pray that your day is just as amazing as your are. We love you so much Mama Jo ~Love Mrs. Vicki and Shalla

Happy 74th Birthday to Charles Moore! from Rhonda Hendricks (11/11)