July Twins. Not really. My friends, Juanita Williams McClelland and Evelyn Williams Jackson, graduates of C. H. Daniels High, have the same birthday in July. Could not let the month end without acknowledging them and wishing them many more years of blessings. Many siblings may have their birthday occur in the same month, but it is very rare that it is the same day. I know several where this happens. The sisters live in the Dallas area. Both are retired from prosperous jobs obtained upon finishing college. They are parents and of course, grandparents. They are a very close knit family with the rest of their siblings, nieces, and nephews. Even though they are not twins, the siblings enjoy celebrating each year in one gathering. (70 plus years). Note: Juanita has been a major source of working with the Daniels School Reunion Committee for the past ten years and Evelyn has graciously participated when asked to be on the program. Happy Birthday Juanita (BYRD) and Evelyn.

July 27 is the birthday of a former resident of Shelby County and a graduate of C. H. Daniels High, Class of 66: Elma Ree Jones Hinson (to many on East Coast - Marie). After graduation from Daniels she attended and graduated from Prairie View A&M College in 1970 and began working in various positions using her major in Sociology/Social Work at Telephone Industry and School Districts in towns where she and her husband, Dr. Kenneth E. Hinson lived. Now retired and living back in Texas (Denton), Elma is a hard working woman and true to her word. She likes to get the work done in whatever she is assigned to do. Accolades to her recent leadership in the 50th Anniversary of the Class of 1970 of Prairie View University with a donation of a large sum to the university. Greetings to her in her retirement stage of life and wishes sent for many more birthdays to enjoy. Happy Birthday Elma. Your classmates thank you.

The Randall Family (Kelley’s and Matlock’s) wish Lee Anna Goree of Houston, Texas a Happy Birthday!!!

Family from all over, near and far, look forward to celebrating you on your birthday Saturday, May 22, 2021, socially distanced outdoors in San Augustine, Texas. We’ll have lots of food, good music, games, inflatable entertainment for the kids and loads of fun! 

Lee Anna is named after her mother, Lee Anner “Ma” R. Kelley-Matlock, born August 18, 1889 in Center, Texas. She is a proud mother of two sons, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. She is the last Randall of “Ma’s” thirteen children and has always loved being the youngest. When asked how old she was turning, Lee Anna replied, “21 years old.” 21 of course, is not her real age but she wishes to stay young forever. I think we all should live that way. Here is a song dedication to you by Alphaville, “Forever Young.” 

Happy birthday to Rhonda Moore Hendricks on March 11!

Happy Birthday! To the husband of Dottie West!

Happy birthday to my love! The girls and I love you so much. Have a blessed day Tyler Maloy!

Happy 7th birthday on November 24, Alleigh Sue! We hope you have an amazing day! Love, Mommy and Shade

Happy 52nd Birthday to Glen A. Weatherford on November 22, 2020! Jesus Loves Everyone!

Happy Birthday to our 6 year old kindergartener Nolan Rich Summers. We are so proud of you and love you so much. Ama and Papa

Happy 28th birthday my beautiful Cidnee. Wishing you a blessed day. Love you mom, dad, JaMonte and the crew.