Happy 52nd Birthday to Glen A. Weatherford on November 22, 2020! Jesus Loves Everyone!

Happy Birthday to our 6 year old kindergartener Nolan Rich Summers. We are so proud of you and love you so much. Ama and Papa

Happy 28th birthday my beautiful Cidnee. Wishing you a blessed day. Love you mom, dad, JaMonte and the crew.

Happy birthday to Dillon Hendricks on June 11! Love, Mom

Happy Blessed Birthday TJ Belin!! We love you Infinity and we're Proud of you!

Happy Birthday Ayla Bowens Belin! Love Auntie Tonya and Mya

Happy 2nd Birthday Steven Jr!... Love... Mama... Daddy... and Jabaris

Happy Blessed 21st Birthday Mya Hubbard! Love Mom and Dad

Happy 18th Birthday to Whittany Payne (top photo left) and Brittany Payne (top photo right) who were born on 911.

Happy birthday Nolan Rich Summers. You are a whole hand old! We love our 5 year old grandson and are very proud of you. Love, Ama and Papa