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November 22, 2020 - As of Sunday, November 22, 2020 the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reports Shelby County now has a cumulative case count of 597 for a total increase of 14 since November 13th. On Saturday, 7 new cases were reported for the largest single day increase since the last report.

November 13th - Cumulative total 583
November 14th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 583)
November 15th - 3 new cases (Cumulative total 586)
November 16th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 586)
November 17th - 2 new cases (Cumulative total 588)
November 18th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 588)
November 19th - 1 new case (Cumulative total 589)
November 20th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 589)
November 21st - 7 new cases (Cumulative total 596)
November 22nd - 1 new case (Cumulative total 597)

DSHS also reports 4 new deaths for Shelby County due to COVID-19 for a cumulative count of 36.

November 16, 2020 - In October, the Center Police Department put an end to a large scale theft ring involving seven suspects. The bust of the theft ring has returned stolen property to five different families who reported having their storage units burglarized spanning from August to mid-October.

Center Police Department Street Crimes Detectives were able to develop a suspect vehicle by security camera footage which led to an arrest. After the suspect was in custody, they moved in on a residence on College Street in Center on October 22, 2020 where the suspect lived and confiscated a large quantity of stolen property.

Officers loaded property as evidence from the exterior of the house into the back of a pickup truck for transport to the police department.

While that property was transported, the officers went to more locations with one being on Terry Street where more evidence was loaded onto a trailer. Next stop by police officers was to a storage building facility located on Riggs Street accompanied by a resident from the house on College Street. The officers then entered a storage unit the resident had access to and proceeded to remove items as evidence, meanwhile leaving property which belonged to the resident in the storage unit.

The officers loaded the majority of the content of the storage unit on to the trailer, filling it, and then placed additional property in the back of a pickup truck for transport to the police department.

According to Center Police Department Detective Andrew Williams, four of the suspects arrested in connection to the thefts are Alisha West, 33 of Center; Angel Carrillo-Olivia, 22 of Nacogdoches; Salvador Loza-Hernandez, 21 of Center; and Ariel Hernandez Corpus, 29 of Sabinas.

Alisha West, Angel Carrillo-Olivia, and Salvador Loza-Hernandez were all charged with Burglary of a Building. Ariel Hernandez Corpus was charged with Burglary of a Habitation. Angel Carrillo-Olivia, Salvador Loza-Hernandez, and Ariel Hernandez Corpus all have a hold for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Charges are pending on additional suspects at this time.

Since August, stolen items included guns, tools, welding machines, lawn mowers, dishes, cookware, furniture, appliances, baby items, and many other various household items.

The case is ongoing and additional charges are anticipated.

In addition to the recovery of property on College Street, the Center Fire Department responded to a structure fire at the same location on November 4, 2020. To view the story on the fire - Center FD Fights House Fire on College Street.

November 16, 2020 - Shelby County Office of Emergency Management is reminding everyone to continue safe practices to help slow the spread of COVID 19. The upcoming holidays will lead to more activities, traveling, and gatherings. Plus the recent increase in active cases and hospitalizations throughout the state and country makes it all the more important to adhere to all the recommendations by health authorities.

While the active “lab confirmed” cases in Shelby County are relatively low at this point, Texas Dept. of State Health Services has recently begun reporting the number of “probable” cases to us. These probable cases include positive test results from the antigen tests that provide results to the patient in approximately 15 minutes. These tests are performed by health care providers and are done with a nasal swab similar to the lab confirmed tests. Health care providers are then required to report the antigen test results to DSHS and DSHS then reports the numbers of positive antigen test results to the Shelby CO Office of Emergency Management once a week.

Currently, according to the reporting to us by DSHS, there are 29 active lab confirmed cases in Shelby Co along with 25 probable cases bringing the total of Shelby County cases to 54.

Please remember to follow these recommendations by the CDC to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask while around others
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough and throw away tissue after use
  • Avoid large crowds or gatherings
  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces often

Vehicle was reported as stolenNovember 16, 2020 - The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued an amber alert out of Beeville, Texas for Jeremiah Thomas, 9-year-old, black male, black hair, brown eyes, 65 lbs and 4'6" tall. They are also seeking the whereabouts of Shannon Thomas, 32-year-old, hispanic female, brown hair, brown eyes, 130 lbs and 5'4" tall.

They were last seen on the 800 block of S. Live Oak Street, Beeville, Texas at 10:23pm on November 15, 2020. They left in a stolen, green 2014 Chevrolet Sonic with Texas License Plate GCW5960.

To view the amber alert flyer, click here.

Call (361) 358-8100 to report information to the Beeville Police Department.

November 13, 2020 - As of Friday, November 13, 2020 the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reports Shelby County now has a cumulative case count of 583. Since the November 6th report, 20 new cases have been reported with the largest single day increase being today with 15 cases.

November 6th - Cumulative total 563
November 7th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 563)
November 8th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 563)
November 9th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 563)
November 10th - 4 new cases (Cumulative total 567)
November 11th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 567)
November 12th - 1 new case (Cumulative total 568)
November 13th - 15 new cases (Cumulative total 583)

Since the November 6 report, DSHS also reports 2 new death for Shelby County due to COVID-19 for a cumulative count of 34.

November 11, 2020 - Due to a large number of staff absences, All 4th Grade Students will engage in "At Home Learning" starting today, Wednesday, November 11th. Students may return to campus after Thanksgiving break on November 30th. Learning assignments need to be picked up from Center Elementary School on Wednesday, November 11th beginning at 10:00. All assignments are expected to be completed and turned in upon return to campus. 

Third and fifth grade students will continue on campus learning. 

November 8, 2020 - Hurst Street at the intersection of Foster Street in Center was the scene of yet another two-vehicle collision November 8, 2020.

According to Center Police Officer Kevin Sage, at around 2:40pm a white 2010 Dodge Charger driven by Raphael Laredo, 18, of Center  with a 16-year-old minor was traveling northbound on Hurst Street approaching Foster Street.

At that time a red 2005 GMC Canyon pickup truck driven by Georgio Hernandez, 68, of Center exited the Walmart parking lot crossing all four lanes of Hurst Street attempting to reach Foster Street. 

The GMC traveled in front of the Dodge and caused the Dodge to strike the passenger side of the GMC, which then rolled onto its top. The Dodge came to rest in the middle of the outside traffic lane.

The Center Fire Department arrived at the scene and stood by with the pickup truck, which was steadily leaking fuel from an almost full gas tank, until it could be rolled back over onto its wheels.
No injuries were reported as a result of the crash and no citations were reported.

According to state crash statistic, this particular intersection has been the scene of 23 crashes since 2015. With this crash it will now be 24. 

Officer Sage was assisted at the scene by officers Angela Neal and John Cleavenger.

November 6, 2020 - As of Friday, November 6, 2020 the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reports Shelby County now has a cumulative case count of 563. On Tuesday, 7 new cases were reported for the largest single day increase since October 8th when 30 new cases were reported. The total increase since the November 2nd report is 9 new cases.

November 2nd - Cumulative total 554
November 3rd - 7 new cases (Cumulative total 561)
November 4th - 2 new cases (Cumulative total 563)
November 5th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 563)
November 6th - 0 new cases (Cumulative total 563)

DSHS also reports 1 new death for Shelby County due to COVID-19 for a cumulative count of 32.

November 6, 2020 - After multiple reports of storage buildings being burglarized in the City of Center over a period of several months, Center Police Department Street Crimes Detectives were able to develop a suspect vehicle by security camera footage.

A Bolo Report was put out within the Department in an attempt to locate the vehicle. Officer M. Davidson located the vehicle and made an identification of the driver the first night the Bolo was released.

The following morning Detectives traveled to the residence of the suspected person and was able to identify stolen property at the residence. Several Interviews were conducted for the next couple days and multiple suspects were identified and a large amount of property was located.

This investigation has been lengthy and the individuals responsible are in jail on multiple Felony Offenses.

There were approximately seven different individuals arrested in relation to this case and more warrants are pending. The most important thing is that the stolen property has been returned to the owners and there is still property to be returned.

If you were a victim of a burglary of a storage building in the City recently and you did not report it, please contact the Center Police Department. If you have a storage building and you have not checked on your property lately, please do.

November 5, 2020 - Timpson ISD held a Board of Trustee election November 3, 2020 for two seats on the board. Two seats were up for election and three candidates were vying for the positions.

 After the votes were tallied, those who won seats on the board were Tammy Sparks and Brinson Stewart.

The results are as follows with candidates listed in the order they appeared on the ballot:

  • Carlos Johnson - 191
  • Brinson Stewart - 255
  • Tammy Sparks - 330