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February 21, 2020 - Due to a broken water main the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has required the Paxton water system ID# 2100031 to notify Jackson customers February 20, 2020 that were without water on CR 3174, 3169, 3000, 3849, a few customers on 3801, and FM 2428 to boil their water prior to consumption (e.g., washing hands/face, brushing teeth, drinking, etc). Children, seniors, and persons with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria, and all customers should follow these directions). 

To ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and ice making should be boiled and cooled prior to use for drinking water or human consumption purposes. The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes. 

In lieu of boiling, individuals may purchase bottled water or obtain water from some other suitable source for drinking water or human consumption purposes. 

When it is no longer necessary to boil the water, the public water system officials will notify customers that the water is safe for drinking water or human consumption purposes. 

Once the boil water notice is no longer in effect, the public water system will issue a notice to customers that rescinds the boil water notice in a manner similar to this notice. 

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail. 

If you have questions concerning this matter, you may contact Stacy Cranford 903-692 4313.

February 21, 2020 - Tom Bellmyer, Precinct 4 Commissioner, has updated roadway conditions in his area.

  • Updated 10:59am: The water on County Road 4323 is receding. One small area has about 3 inches of water but is passable. Commissioner Bellmyer has opened the roadway to general traffic; however, he advises everyone to proceed with caution.
  • County Road 4098 at FM 2667 is now open.
  • Work is planned for the culvert on County Road 4849, and if necessary will continue into Saturday until repaired.

February 20, 2020 - Tom Bellmyer, Precinct 4 Commissioner, is reporting several roadways with flooding conditions. 

  • County Road 4323 at Risinger Creek is very flooded.
  • FM 2667 at County Road 4098 there’s a low bottom just after FM 2667 between bridges and culverts where it is flooded.
  • A culvert is washed out on County Road 4849 and a section of road is closed. Barricades will be installed.

Please use caution and if you see water over the roadway, turn around and don't drown.

Updated: The water on County Road 3173 has receeded and is passable.

February 20, 2020 - Shelby County Commissioner Precinct 3, Charles Barr reports the following roads are flooded: CR 3267, CR 3737, CR 3520, CR 3373, and CR 3173.

Please use caution and if you see water over the roadway, turn around and don't drown.

February 20, 2020 - FM 138, FM 414 and FM 699 are currently closed in Shelby County due to high water. Use caution and take alternate routes until water recedes. Visit for road conditions statewide. #KnowBeforeYouGo

February 19, 2020 - Timpson ISD will start at 10am tomorrow, February 19 due to roadway flooding. Buses will run two hours later.

February 19, 2020 - Alert: High water reported on US 59 and FM 947 in Timpson. Drive with caution. Visit for statewide conditions. #TurnAroundDontDrown

February 19, 2020 - The Shelby County Sheriff's Department reports a traffic stop resulted in drug charges for a Timpson man.

On February 18, 2020 at approximately 5 p.m., Deputy Josh Tipton with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office initiated a traffic stop on Highway 59 in Timpson for a vehicle safety inspection. The vehicle turned onto Church Street and accelerated in an obvious attempt to flee. The vehicle came to a stop and the driver exited the vehicle. Tipton immediately recognized the driver a Tyquwon Bussey, 25, of Timpson.

Bussey continued on foot toward a trail in a wooded area. He was observed knocking on the door of a residence in an attempt to get in the house. As Tipton approached, Bussey again started to flee but was subsequently taken into custody.

Once in custody, Bussey was found to be in possession of marijuana in a bag he was carrying. While searching the vehicle, a substance believed to be methamphetamine was located. A field test positively identified the substance as methamphetamine.

Bussey was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance (F-2) Possession of Marijuana (M-A) and Evading Arrest or Detention (SJF). Bussey posted bonds totaling $32,500 and was released February 19.

Deputy Tipton was assisted by Deputy Jake Gross.

February 6, 2020 - The Center Municipal Court Warrant Roundup is coming February 14th through March 15th, 2020. Are YOU on the list?

Don't wait for law enforcement to show up at your home, ACT NOW.

Paying is easy and there are (3) three ways to do just that and get this worry off of your mind.

1. Online using your Credit/Debit card at
2. Call 1-800-444-1187 Traffic Payment
3. Come in personally to the Municipal Court located in the Center Police Department building located at 1020 Shelbyville Street, Center, Texas between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

Be sure to get proper credit for your payment by knowing your case number for the outstanding warrant. This information is easily attained by calling the Court at 936-598-3080.

Please note, when paying at the Municipal Court window, a money order or exact change is needed and that NO credit cards or personal checks will be accepted.

If you feel like your name is on the list in error, contact the court and we will get the matter resolved. If you have taken care of your warrant recently, thank you. We update the list as often as we can so your patience is appreciated.

Outstanding Warrant List: (Click the letters as a quick link)
Editor's Note: Please remember people share names and the name on the list may not be who you are thinking.

Acevedo, Erique
Ainsworth, Kristen Nicole
Ainsworth, Samantha Ann
Alexander, Jasmine Nichole
Alford, Rachel Victoria
Allen, Anthony G. Jr.
Allen, Ashley Nicole
Allen, Jonathon Marquis
Allen, Raven
Allen-Garsee, Shanna
Almaguer, Susan
Almutairi, Ghanim Ghanim Khala
Alrwaly, Anwar
Alvaruaro, Jesus
Anderson, Dylan Wayne
Anderson, Mathew Lee
Andrus, Caleb
Aning, James Robert
Arriaga, Jorge
Ashley, Anna
Atkins, Traviante Devel
Aung, Thu
Avalos, Juan Carlos
Aydelott, Destiny Cheyenne

Bailey, Quinton
Barcelo, Kristen Elisa
Barker, Christopher Lynn
Barnes, Darell Antwann
Barnes, Lacurvey
Barnes, Laderika
Barnes, Tiffany
Barnfield, Albert Lee
Barrera, Rogelio Berlanga
Barrett, Larry Gene Jr.
Barritos, Susana
Barstow, Meryah Robert 
Bartlett, Mary Ruth
Bates, Mary Darlene
Bates, Shatresa Lakendra
Baylon, Maximino
Baysinger, Jayla Lanae
Beam, Kenneth Owen
Beaudion, Dewayne
Beck, William Henry
Belin, Joseph Tyrell
Bell, Bill Montrell
Bell, Clifton Jerome
Bell, Danie Larome
Bell, Jerry Glynn
Bell, Shatriciera Marshuntia
Benefield, Jemeka Shantel
Bergeron, Joseph Earl 
Berwick, Brennah Jordanette
Biggar, Jeannette Windham
Bittick, Brian Dwayne
Black, Melvin
Blackmon, Roderick Isiah
Bledsoe, Natasha Rachelle
Bolden, Jaquerious Lamone
Bolton, Zachary Dominique
Booth, Niki
Borde, Devin Lee
Boswell, James Aaron
Bourg, Jason J.
Boykin, Steve 
Bradshaw, Brittany Nicole
Bratchett, Jesse Ray
Brenner, Joshua Scott
Brewer, La Trisia
Brewer, Lacreshia Deserre
Brisco, Charles
Brisco, Charles Earl
Brock, Matthew Thomas
Brock, Radley Lamar
Brown, Brandon Charles
Brown, Henry
Brown, Hubert Dewayne
Brown, Laderrick Jermaiah
Brown, Lecarlos Dewayne
Brown, Shanaeta Lajoyer
Buckley, Annette
Budde, Ray Lee
Burkett, Kevin Curtis
Burnett, William
Bush, James
Bussey, Mario
Butler, Stormy
Byley, Tyler Lee-Allen
Byrd, Viola Ranae

Caldwell, Elizabeth
Calixto, James
Calzada, Amanda Lynn
Camacho, Reynol
Camacho, Valentina
Cantu, Christopher A
Caporali, Marcelo
Caraway, Talissia Monique
Carpenter, William Jeffery
Carrell, Tommy Michael
Carson, Brian Marcus
Carter, Jerome
Cartwright, Angela Lynett
Cartwright, Lawrence Edward
Cartwright, Marcus Brandon
Cartwright, Ricky Ray
Castellanoa, Samantha
Castllanos, Samantha
Cavazos, April Julissa
Cavazoa, Jasmin
Cavallos-Najera, Prisco
Channel, Joe Dan
Chapman, Jessica Marie
Chessher, Mary Louise
Chumbley, Ahamd Rashad
Church, Marlena
Claybrook, Krystal Marlenna
Clayton, David Matthew
Clock, Eric
Colbert, Penyuna Diona
Cole, Johnathan Brian
Coleman, Brea Dshae
Coleman, Chelesa Rochelle
Cooley, Joshua Steven
Cooper, Jessica
Cooper, Phillip Jason
Cordova, Joanna Lee
Cordova, Rachael Kay
Cornelio, Rigoburto
Cox, Wendy Marie
Crane, Jerry Jerome
Creel, Nancy
Cuatenta, Jose Luis
Curry, Ricky J.

Dade, Devin Rashaad
Daigle, Shawna E
Davis, Alvin Jerome
Davis, Corey Omar
Davis, Curtis Ray
Davis, James T.
Davis, Kadedric
Deckard, Chandra Denise
Delacruz-Ramirez, Joel
Denby, Bonie Daniel
Denby, Michael Ryan
Denman, Cord Tyler
Derkerlegand, Christopher
Dewberry, Triston
Dooley, Shay Lee
Dudley, Shawntrice
Dutiars, Tiefilo
Dykes, Daniel L.
Dykes, Jacob Isaiah
Dykes, Nathaniel Williams

Eaden, Gerald Kent
Eason, George Michael
Eastman, Rebecca Elizabeth
Eckles, Jessika Leighann
Eddington, Bryan Scott
Eddins, Judd Wesley
Edwards, Alton Earl
Edwards, James Keith
Eilers, Michelle Jeaene
Ellington, Jarrett Rashad
Emmerling, Danielle Nicole
Ennett, Richarde
Enriquez, Danella Teresa
Enriquez-Olvera, German
Escobedo, Angela
Escobedo, Ramiro III
Espino, Alan Andres
Estes, Tiffany Cheree
Estrada, Ruben

Fajardo, Eulalia
Fanestiel, Brandon Lynn
Fenley, Jeanese Louise
Fenley, Jeffery Scott
Fleenor, Breanna
Flores, Sandra I.
Foots, Russell Lewis 
Ford, Amber
Fountain, Bradley Dwayne
Fountain, Jeremy Lee
Fuller, Kevin
Fuller, Romekia

Gage, Wesley Adam
Gann, Jesse Andrew
Garcia, Kyashia
Garcia-Alvarado, Mario Alberto
Garner, Omar
Garrett, Concia Ladesiree
Garrett, Meloney
Garrett, Vernon
Gee, Cedric Jermaine
Gentry, William Taylor
Gerardo, Jose Lugo
Gibson, Glenda Ann
Gilbert, Christopher Kadeem
Gilleon, Ty Garrett
Gomez, Rubicel
Gonzales, Ryan Alexander
Gonzales, Javier Jesus
Gonzalez, Luis
Gonzalez-Martinez, Yolanda
Goodwin, Jonas Dewaun
Green, Samuel Davis
Greene, Raven Sharlene
Greer, Billy Earl
Gregory, Austin
Gregory, Shanne Shequan
Griffin, Anthony Earl
Gryder, Amber Rose
Guaste, Emanuel
Guidry, Earl Joseph
Guillory, Nanna Lee
Gundermann, Kaylie Marice
Gunter, Joseph Keith

Haessly, Justin
Haggerty, Shonta Latrice
Hagler, Conda Rashelle
Hailouz, Jamal
Hale, Courtney Tremaine
Hamilton, Ivan Earl
Hammers, Christina
Hanks, Jaron
Hardy, Devin Demon
Harrell, Loyce Gilbert
Harris, Drewey Dwayne
Harris, Justin Lee
Harris, Kendrick
Harris, Marlicia Djonmika
Harrison, Michael Lewis
Harrison, Michelle Renee
Harvey, Jay Carl
Harvey, Stephen Lee
Hawkins, Latoya
Heavirland, Kimberly D
Helm, Carlos Wayne
Henderson, Diane
Henderson, Sam
Hendrick, Kenneth Dewayne
Hendry, Joshua Kent
Hensley, Kory Ramon
Hernandez, Roberto Guzman
Hernandez-Castro, Alejandro
Hernandez-Hernandez, Marconi
Heroux, Dakota Lynn
Herrin, Ashton Janae
Hickman, Justin Lee
Hill, Jonathan
Hill, Michael Anthony Jr.
Hoffman, Brandon James
Holcomb, Jerry Dewayne
Holloway, Ashley Annette
Holman, Chelsey Alese
Holmes, Benny Earl
Holmes, James Travis
Holt, Cody Glen
Hopkins, Justin Adam
Horton, Baron
Horton, Ebert
Horton, Edward Earl
Howard, Aaron Earl
Howard, Matthew Bryan
Hubbard, Charvon Wynett
Hubbard, J. L.
Hubbard, Shelia R
Hubbard, Tammie Eyvonnie
Hubbard, Travor Devar
Hudson, Dylan Wayne
Hughes, Derrek Monroe
Hughes, Lisa Faye
Hutto, Shelia Lynn
Hymond, Latamarra Deshawn

Ingalls, Tina Marie
Ingram, Frank
Ingram, Thomas Earl
Ingram, Tiora Lacole
Isaac, Lee Roy
Ivy, Cory Allen

Jackson, David P
Jackson, Seneca Unikie
Jacobs, Stephen Wayne
James, Charles Ray
James, Jermaine Antoine
Jenkins, Cedric
Johnson, Ashley
Johnson Z, Johanna Clare
Johnson, Bobby Glenn
Johnson, Bobby Scott
Johnson, Cheryl
Johnson, Dennis Wayne
Johnson, Gustarvis Keith Oshay
Johnson, Johnathon Carnelius
Johnson, Johnny
Johnson, Lakendrick Jerel
Johnson, Miguel Domonte
Johnson, Miguel Domonte Jr.
Johnson, Monroe III
Johnson, Ronald Dexter
Johnson, Ronnie Lee
Johnson, Trey
Jones, Alaina Brianne
Jones, Casey Don
Jones, Dalmicheal Darnell
Jones, Damion Rashod
Jones, Duncan Pierre
Jones, Robert Joseph
Jones, William Charles
Jordan, Brandon Shane
Jowes, Cassie Nicole
Junior, Janeen

Kelley, Ashley
Kelley, Gerald Franklin
Kendrick, Shane Mark
Kennedy, Precious Dshaun
King, Johnny Ray
Kinney, Jerrad Dewayne
Kirlin, Kory Richard

Landaverde, Jose A
Lane, Carmayne Shuntori
Lane, Keiosha Kotoyia
Lane, Shaqui Lashay
Lane, Tamereia
Lara, Rigoberto
Latour, Charles Clay
Lawery, Kevin
Lawrence, Samuel
Lee, Mary Fancher
Lee, Shawntawria
Leeks, Deanndre Lakease
Lewis, Quentha
Lias, Cedric D Antre
Lindsey, Cody Scott
Lister, Curtis Alvin
Lister, Kevin Deon
Long, Charlie Divonne
Lopez, Gisiel
Lopez, Susana
Lorenzo, Noe
Lowery, Cheryl L
Luis, Maria

Macias, Juan
Malone, Brenden Braxton
Malone, Chiquita Fonsha
Mance, Oscar E
Marshall, Robin Beavers
Marshall, Travion Montrez
Martin, Angel Lagail
Martin, Carla Jo
Martin, Lasyvia Veronica
Martin, Tyler Nathaniel
Martinez, Beatriz
Martinez, Jose Isabel
Martinez, Manuel
Martinez, Oascar
Mathews, Nadia Marie
Mathis, Jessica Lynn
Mcafee, Julian Luke
McCain, Alex Oneal
McCauley, Mike Miles
McCollister, Dakota
McCollister, Eric Lakeith
McCollister, Melisa Meann
McCollister, Sheneki Larell
McCullough, Lamarcus Deshion
McGrew, Shanna Danyle
McKee, Blake
McKnown, Shelby Lynn
McMillian, Earl Henry
Melton, Colby Zane
Mendieta, Miguel Jesus
Meshell-Rein, Natalie Christa
Michonski, Brittney Shea
Mickles, Ashley M
Miguel, Jesus Mendieta
Miller, Debriyonia LaShawnteia
Mims, Anthony Alexander
Mitchell, Broderick Deshon
Mitchell, Timothy Scott
Mohamed, Issa A
Moore, Dominick
Moore, Robin Lynette
Moore, Willie Bernard
Morales, Pedro
Morris, Tyer Lee
Murillo, Jorge
Murphy, Dylan Dean

Nayalio, Roberto
Neal, Stephani Michele
Nelson, Cody Lee
Newman, Doris
Nichols, Heath Laine

Odom, Marsh G
Oglesby, Adriana Colflesh
Ojeda, Odilon
Olalde, Juan Bustimonte
Ontiverez, Antonio
Oritz, Juan
Oritz, Jesus
Osby, Trevion Dandre
Oswalt, David Kevin
Owens, Marvin

Parker, Cynthia Jade
Parker, Tierra
Parks, Lance Lee
Parks, Shanoveiah Consandra
Patin, Brandon Joseph
Patton, Austan
Pavlock, Tracey Lynn
Payne, Michelle Nicole 
Pea, Stephanie Conetha
Pecina-Acuna, Adan
Pena, Mary Gail
Pena, Miguel
Pennington, Chinitra Cynta
Penson, Angela Lenora
Peralas, Carlos
Perez Villanueva, Josue
Perez, Jesus Angel
Perez, Ricardo
Perodin, Robertta Kurtshiama
Perry, Timothy Wilburn
Petite, Alicia
Phillips, Tammie Terrell
Pierce, Jenniffer Michelle
Pinkston, Kandace Michelle
Pleasant, Lafishia Tyneka
Polley, Lanika Rochelle
Polley, Timothy
Porter, Matthew David
Powell, Latrice Danielle
Pugh, Curtis Lee

Quinones, Blanca

Ramirez, Joel Delacruz
Ramirez-Reyes, Rogelio
Rankin, La Ryan
Ratcliff, Latoska Sherrell
Ratcliff, Tevin
Ratcliff, Yolanda Keanya
Redmond, Anuska Rayvelle
Reed, Keitha
Richardson, La Deirdre Deirdre
Richardson, Octavia
Richardson, Talamessia Breane
Ridgeway, Raymond Anthony 
Riggs, Casey Richard
Rigsby, Jabari Ahmet
Rios, Ana
Rios, Efrain Ibarra
Rivers, Michael Edward
Rivers, Tiffany L
Roberts, Jacquelyn Deshan
Robertson, Christopher De Shau
Robins, Andre
Rodgers, Dakota Travis
Rodriguez-Reyes, Alfonso Gerar
Rodriguez, Henry
Rodriguez, Joe
Rodriguez, Jose Luis Jr
Rodriguez-Monreal, Jose Roberto
Roehl, Nicholas K.
Roland, Travis
Ross, Shanquita Dytrece
Rucker, Sakeidric Tyrone
Rufus, Jason Bernard
Rugley, Jerdereak Allen
Ruiz, Joanna
Ruiz-Perez, Jose Luis
Russell, Brittany
Russell, Clayton Joseph
Russell, Mark
Russell, Ronald Keith
Ryder, Kristopher Dequenston

Salazar, Yesenia
Salazar-Gonzalez, Gema
Samford, Christina D.
Sanchez, Luis Angel
Sanchez, Nancy
Sanchez, Sandy Isabel
Sanders, Jerome Mac
Sanders, Priscilla Nelshall
Sandifer, Breiana Marie
Sanford, Elizabeth
Santos, Isreal Aguilar
Savore, Gershunana Kenyanana
Schmitt, Amy Louise
Seaton, Michael Aaron
Segundo, Guevara
Shields, Stacie Quinn
Shofner, Justin Darrell
Simpson, Adrian
Simpson, Dexter Rayshun
Slaughter, Jessica
Small, Stephanie Maria
Smith, Analicia
Smith, Brittany Nicole
Smith, Justin Dale
Smith, Tonia Renee
Smith, Troy Lee
Sneed, Hal Lynndell
Snider, Theres Jeweline
Soloman, Durankaus Dewayne
Sophus, Tamika
Sowell, Savannah Marie
Sowell, Vanessa Renea
Spain, Justin Marcel
Spurlock, Heather
Standley, Gregory Delchristop
Stanley, Mark Wesley
Stansberry, Shya Nekisa
Starghill, Andrea Kalise
Stepp, Devon Ray
Stevenson, Quanyette Shaynay
Stewart, Diante Stewart
Stickle, David Alan
Stomber, Matthew Quinn
Stroud, Jarious
Suaste-Leon, Juan
Suell, Allen Wayne
Suell, JaMarcus O'Keith
Swilley, Justin Lawrence

Tarver, Jamie Lynn
Taylor, Rodney Terrel
Taylor, Rodriquez Miguel
Taylor, Sage Nebraska
Taylor, Tara Lanette
Teal, Jordan
Thomas, Christopher
Thomas, Demmerick Kiadlamon
Thomas, Jennifer
Thomas, Michael Anthony
Thomas, Shavontae Jonique
Thrower, Curtis Allen
Tindol, Tammy Benefield
Tinsley, Colden Jawahn
Tipps, Javensen Howard
Tipps, Megan Jarae
Tolbert, Marcus
Tragan, Lani Rachelle
Trevino, Savana Myrle
Turner, Billy Jack
Tutt, Billy Ray
Tyre, Colton Dwayne

Uribe-Tovar, Rocio

Vaughn, Samantha Kay
Villegas, Cristian Oswaldo

Wadkins, Kattie
Wallace, Stephanie Louise
Waller, Jacob Elisha
Walter, Degarian Shunta
Ward, Shawna Marie
Warren, Moneak
Wars, Bolly Jo
Washington, Darshunay
Washington, Dewayne Deon
West, Alisha Michelle
Wheless, Michael W.
Whitaker, Jaqualiyan Treymonze
Whitaker, Matarya Quenta
White, Dannie Earl
White, Danny Earl
White, Fannie Lynette
White, Lorenzo Dewayne
White, Reginald Bartholomew
Whitmire, Darrell
Wiese, Trenton Douglas
Wiggins, Patrick Adam
Williams, Bobby Ray
Williams, Danny Lee
Williams, Edward Lee
Williams, Hollis James
Williams, Jaquarious Denote
Williams, Jimmie Dale
Williams, Julie Marshall
Williams, Justin Clay
Williams, Melvin Kentrell
Williams, Pamela Ann
Williams, Rodney Demond
Williams, Vernon Clay
Willie, Biunca Lakay
Willis, Shayla Jade
Wilson, Charles Ray
Wilson, David Treston
Wilson, Neiman Lemarcus
Woods, Chourvoisiea Chardez
Woods, Shameka Evetta
Wright, Bickey
Wyatts, Mike

Yarbrough, Antonio
Yarbrough, Jonathan Dewayne
Yarbrough, Katherine Tiana
Yleon, Jose Coss
Young, Timieka Shevonne
Young, Ynasha Sherua

Zamudio, Melissa Ann

February 17, 2020 - Due to the construction on the Center square, Early Voting for the upcoming Primary Election will be moved to the Center Community House, 423 San Augustine St. in Center.

Early voting will begin Tuesday, February 18th, through Friday, February 28th. Hours will be weekdays 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We will also include weekend voting, which will be Saturday, February 22nd, from 10am - 2pm and Sunday, February 23rd, from 12:00-4:00 p.m.

Republican Sample Ballots are below: (Click each precinct to see the ballots for each area)

Democrat Sample Ballot is below: (Click All Precincts to see the ballot)

On behalf of the Shelby County Clerk's Office, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the City of Center for working with us and allowing us to move early voting to the Community House.

We hope this will encourage everyone to come out and vote!

Related Article - List of Candidates Who Filed for Place on 2020 Primary Ballots

February 14, 2020 - Did you receive a letter in the mail about paying a fee to get your Homestead Exemption?

• The Shelby County Appraisal District is the only entity that can add any property tax exemptions to your property.
• There is NEVER a fee to apply for an exemption. 

If you ever have any questions about your property tax exemptions, contact the Shelby County Appraisal District office.

724 Shelbyville Street
Center, Texas 75935
(936) 598-6171