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June 1, 2015 - Local weather person, James Forbis, reported the weather statics for the month of July 2015

Highest Temp was 90 degrees on 5-28-2015
Highest Temp on Record was 100 degrees on 5-21-1943
Lowest Temp was 55 degrees on 5-01-2015
Lowest Temp on Record was 40 degrees on 5-08-1992 and 5-04-2013

Rainfall recorded was 10.59 inches
Average Monthly Rainfall is 4.47 inches
Above Average by 6.12 inches
Highest Recorded for this Month was 16.50 inches in 1953
Lowest Recorded for this Month was 0.10 inches in 1998

Total Rainfall through May is 40.92 inches
Rainfall occurred on 18 days in May

The link for full weather report



May 29, 2015 - Center Garden Club announces Gold Club Rating and installs new officers at their May 13, 2015 meeting held at the Community House on San Augustine Street.

(Left) Jackie Hancock present Doggett with lifetime membership award for District III, Texas Garden Clubs.(Left) Incoming president, Robbie Kerr, presents outgoing president, Colleen Dogget, with a bouquet of rosesFormer Center Garden Club President and Past Southern Zone Director, TX Garden Clubs, Linda Bordelon installed the 2015-2017 Center Garden Club Officers and presented each officer a yellow rose, the club flower. The various parts of the rose were used to symbolize the duties and responsibilities of each office. Bordelon shared the success of the club, "Center Garden Club is the number one Garden Club in District III and one of the top Garden Clubs in the great State of Texas and will continue to be with the help of all you members. I extend to all of you wishes for a successful and enjoyably term of office and sincere appreciation for your gracious acceptance of your duties."

The 2015-2017 officers of the Center Garden Club are President, Robbie Kerr; 1st Vice-President, Judy Matthews; 2nd Vice-President, Cherry Jones; Recording Secretary, Colleen Hetherington; Corresponding Secretary, Allison Scull; and Treasurer, Jackie Hancock.

Colleen Doggett outgoing president of the club was recognized for her service to the club for the past two years. Club member Rachel Campbell spoke, "I just want to tell Colleen thank you for her contribution to the Center Garden Club for these last two years." Robbie Kerr incoming president said, "As incoming [President] I appreciate everything she has done the past to years for us and now you can breathe a sigh of relief." Doggett was presented with several gifts and a lifetime membership award for District III, TX Garden Clubs.

"The thing I was proudest of was getting the 1st place on my President's Report this year. I've enjoyed it. It's been a lot of work," expressed Doggett to the club.

Texas Garden Clubs Awards recognized at the meeting were:

    Center Garden Club, District III, received Gold Club Rating with 1322 points
    Colleen Doggett was awarded 1st place for the President's Report for the Gold Rating in District III
    Gold Rating - Youth Sculpture Contest
    Gold Rating - Youth Communication Contest
    Gold Rating - Contributions

From left: Linda Bordelon; President, Robbie Kerr; 1st Vice-President, Judy Matthews; 2nd Vice-President, Cherry Jones; Recording Secretary, Colleen Hetherington; Corresponding Secretary, Carolyn Bounds "standing in" for Alison Scull; and Treasurer, Jackie Hancock.



May 29, 2015 - The Piney Woods Photographic Society is meant for camera enthusiasts of all skills and interests. Our goal is to help you become a better photographer and give you a place to meet others who share your passion for photography. We try to create programs and activities with information and instruction for all skill levels in an environment of support and cooperation.

The next meeting will be June 13, 2015, First United Methodist Church, Center, TX., 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. The workshop will feature "Compositing (combining and blending) and the June Critique will be "Architecture". For more information, please contact Billie Jones, 936-591-2426,

Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings with or without a member.

First Place, Billie JonesSecond Place, Donna HoltThird Place,  LeaAnn Robertson

May 29, 2015 - The 124th annual Daughters of the Republic of Texas Convention was held in San Antonio on May 14-16 with President General Ellen McCaffrey presiding.

The theme of this year’s gathering was “The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright” and attendees came from El Paso and Amarillo, Texarkana and Brownsville, the piney woods of east Texas to the prairies of west Texas, from the Red River to the Rio Grande River and all points in between.

The William Carroll Crawford Chapter was represented by Nancy Keeling, Elizabeth Pate, Maggie Casto, Gail Sholar, Lavonne Wood, Carol Looney, Fay Eddins, Billie Dawson, Alina Sholar, Cynthia Webster and Barbara McClellan.

Billie Dawson, the outgoing State 3rd Vice-President, was escorted by her grand-daughter and CRT Treasurer General Karlee Booth at the President General’s Reception and opening ceremonies on Thursday evening. Karlee Booth is a member of the JJE Gibson Chapter of the Children of the Republic of Texas of Center.

Progress on the new Republic of Texas Complex next to the French Legation in Austin was a major topic of interest, as were changes in the management of the Alamo and the DRT Library in San Antonio.

Officers General for the 2015-2017 term were elected and an invitation to the 2016 Convention in Addison was extended.

May 28, 2015 - With busy day-today life you might miss an opportunity to fly your US Flag either a full or half-staff. Shelby County Memorial VFW Post 8904 and the Ladies Auxiliary want to help make sure you never miss a flag holiday or half-staff occasion ever.

If you would like to sign up for our email notification service to receive alerts right to your inbox about a week before contact Post Quartermaster Larry Hume at or call 598-2976.

Except for federal agencies there is no law or flag police who can make you lower your flag, keep in in good repair, etc., but we hope as fellow Americans everyone will want to show their pride of country and respect. Together Shelby County, Texas can be the proudest place in America.


Women's Reading Club Members

May 27, 2015 - The Women's Reading Club installed new officers at their Thursday, May 21, 2015 meeting which was held at the Center Country Club. Billie Williams, Magnolia District President, performed the installation of the officers during the meeting who are Jeanne Walker, President; Debra Chadwick, 1st Vice President; Barbara Prince, Treasurer; Polly Smith, Secretary; Donna Holt, Outgoing President; and Carol Chance, Corresponding Secretary.

From left: Dottie West, Linda Anderson, Billy Sue Payne, Colleen Doggett, Jane Morrison, Sandra Davis (Library Director), Donna Holt, Barbara Prince, Carolyn Bounds, and Fannie Watson.

During the meeting the club also voted to make a $500 donation to the Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library. Following the meeting, club members traveled to the Fannie Brown Booth Library to present the library with a donation of $500. Accepting the donation on behalf of the library was Sandra Davis, Library Director.

From left: Barbara Prince - Treasurer, Polly Smith - Secretary, Jeanne Walker - President, Donna Holt - Outgoing President, Not pictured: Debra Chadwick - 1st Vice President, Carol Chance - Corresponding Secretary


From left: Serica Wilkins, Neera Smith, Neena Smith, and Dorothy Carter

May 27, 2015 - Two Shelbyville S.W. Carter Elementary students were selected to received the honored S.W. Carter Award during the awards program held Friday, May 22, 2015 and they were sisters Neera and Neena Smith. Both have shown to be outstanding students always volunteering their time and doing their best. The awards were presented by Mrs. Dorothy Carter and Serica Wilkins, wife and daughter of the late S.W. Carter.

The award is presented each year to the student who followed life most like Mr. Carter. The plaque read as follows:

Mr. Carter was an educator & outstanding role model to all faculty & students that he came in contact with. This award is given in his example of integrity, equality, & compassion for his fellow man to someone who has excelled in academics, & who strives to be a better person & thinks of others before oneself.

Mr. S.W. Carter was a long time educator and the name sake of S.W.Carter Elementary. He passed away in April of 2012 and the first award was presented the same year.

May 27, 2015 - Shelby Savings Bank is proud to present a donation to the Shelbyville Lions Club for 4th annual Happenings at Shelbyville Hill Festival. SSB will be a major sponsor.

We are so proud to support this event, and we hope to see everyone there on Saturday, October 17th.

May 25, 2015 - An extensive Narcotics Investigation spawned by Center Police Department Detective Chris Knowlton leads to a major blow to Methamphetamine traffic within Shelby County, Center, Tx and into Rusk County.

Special thanks to Rusk County Sheriff's Office, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Henderson Police Department and Rusk County Constable PCT #3, who through great teamwork, followed through with this investigation.

Job Well Done Guys!!!

Reference: One man arrested, one wanted in Rusk County meth bust (KLTV) - Link

In the center, Walter "Buster" Bounds surrounded by his family

May 20, 2015 -  (More Photos) Walter "Buster" Bounds was honored by the Shelby County Historical Commission when the title of Town Historian was bestowed upon him on Thursday, May 14, 2015 in the courtroom of the Historic Courthouse. He is only the second Town Historian to be named; the first being Mattie Dellinger.

Prior to presenting Bounds with a plaque, Shelby County Historical Commission president, Colleen Doggett said, "Buster [Bounds] is being honored even though he is very humble and he says he doesn't know all that much about the history and doesn't know why he would be honored in this way. But he is a humble person. I've never gone to Buster and asked for information or help with something that the answer is always yes, it's never no."

Doggett addressed the large crowd in attendance at the Historic Courthouse, "We're here to honor someone who from high school days has been preserving history." Doggett referenced an interview she had with Bounds, "Buster told me a story about his high school days when he was the editor of the yearbook and he had access to all the class pictures and everything. So, he carried them home to work on and he didn't take them back up to school which turned out to be a good thing because the next year the school burned down. So, see he started preserving history when he was about 18."

Morris Bounds, Buster’s father, started at the insurance agency in 1965 dividing his time between insurance and managing Lunsford Buick Company. The Bounds family also raised chickens in the old days before Shelby County converted to modern broiler houses. His cousin H. B. “Bob” Bounds ran the Bounds Processing Plant located behind the old ice house from 1946 well into the 1950s and processed the first batch of chickens for Mr. Cordray that brought the modern growing methods to Shelby County. Buster is the third child of three children and the only boy. During his youth the family lived on Pecan Street which isn't far from the square allowing him to be able to walk all over the town and be observant of what was happening. He met his wife, Carolyn Bounds, after accepting a teaching job at Ottawa Township High School in Ottawa, Illinois. After marrying, the couple moved back to Center and began running the insurance agency.

Dixie Dellinger, daughter of the 1st Town Historian Mattie Dellinger, thanks Buster Bounds for the kind words about her mom."Now before I knew Buster very well, I would see him around town with his video camera doing a school play out at Shelbyville and this and that. It didn't matter. He's been to Garden Club, Reading Club, for different programs for filming." She continued to say, "What is really wonderful; people know that Buster has served as the chairman of the Historical Commission and they'll drop things by and he has a wonderful long filing closet that the first time I saw it it was stacked almost to the ceiling with old maps and this and that." Doggett referenced when she needed something for research he knew exactly where to find it.

"When you have family stories write them down; listen to the people. When you have family photographs and there in a frame or whatever put a little envelope on the back that tells who all the people were and what the occasion was for that picture to be made," explained Doggett was good advice Bounds gave many times at historic cemetery dedications.

His video archive includes interviews with people telling the history of the area, events, ribbon cuttings, reunions, celebrations, birthday parties, band and choir concerts, parades, piano recitals, awards ceremonies, ground breaking, open houses, plays, weddings, funerals, honorees, book reviews, weather events, changes in the business community, flower shows, demonstrations, dedications, and the list goes on and on.

Bounds wanted to express a word or two as he unfolded a speech bringing chuckles and smiles from the audience, "Surprises are greatly overrated and I would like to say a word or two but I'll talk fast." "I did want to thank the members of the Historical Commission. I am truly humbled to be designated town historian and I will not take the responsibility lightly, I promise.

"My contribution to the collective wisdom will be different from what the past Town Historian, Mattie Dellinger, collected and passed on to us. Mattie passed down a written legacy of her detailed insights into our community and the families that we call this place 'home.' There will never be anyone, Dixie [Dellinger], never anyone like Mattie. She and her brand of collective wisdom are greatly missed. You can find all her newspaper articles in the museum in one book.

"I shouldn’t tell this - I tried to out-Mattie Mattie once. I decided I was going to challenge her with a story about Rebie Childs who was convicted of murder in the 1930s and she spent her time while in Huntsville singing with a popular vocal group on the radio. Mattie listened to be sure I didn't know anything new about the Rebie Childs and she responded with kindness, “Yes, Rebie and I were in the same Sunday School class and I never trusted her.” And, to finish with a slam-dunk -- honest truth -- Town Historians don’t lie; she fished around in her purse and found a yellowed copy of the front page of the Light Champion filled with pictures and details about Rebie’s trial. Mattie and her memories are truly missed. There will never be another Mattie Dellinger.

"My contribution is though a new medium – a medium that is tricky to collect and very tricky to preserve and use. It is the medium of video. In the past few years I’ve collected over 14 TB of video and audio files which represents roughly 1,400 hours of filming.

"It is depressing to realize that I’ve stored more video than anyone will ever see -- or want to see. Few of my projects have a commercial value but my hope is that they will have a legacy value for 'our people.'

"Today we have an opportunity, everybody has a video camera or a cell phone, or whatever it is they are using and commercial value is not the only gauge for success. I’m still collecting at the rate of around 3 TB per year and as cameras upgrade – a certainty – that number could easily double. And before my lights and microphones get switched off, I hope to have tamed all this information into a searchable database that actually can be used. That may be the hardest part.

"Again, thanks for honoring me and my work with this designation. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than to be told that my work is important to the community I love and I love you all."

Following the plaque presentation and the speech, everyone was invited to enjoy refreshments in the transportation room downstairs.