“The Mulberry Tree” by Doug Fincher

“You have no room for My Word...” John 8:37

June 7, 2021 - We finally replaced the large pecan tree that was blown down by the storm of ‘98 with a mulberry tree. The mulberry grows fast, provides shade, and supplies food for the birds. We were really surprised to see its limbs already loaded with berries the first year.

But we are also surprised that the birds (with the exception of two mockingbirds) have completely ignored the tree! Its berries are as sweet as sugar. I know… I’ve eaten a lot of them. And its beautiful limbs look perfect for the birds to perch on while they feed. I am so disappointed that more birds aren’t feeding in it after all the trouble we went to for them.

It’s also surprising that church members don’t feed more on the Word of God. I wonder how God feels when we ignore it.

I think I know.