2019 Chicken Clucking Contest Reaches New Level of Entertainment

October 5, 2019 - The 2019 Chicken Clucking Contest brought new entertainment to the stage with some of the contestants turning their clucking opportunity into singing and theatrical performances.

Zac Payne, who competed in 6-11 age division, brought a light saber to the stage and clucked his rendition of the Star Wars theme. Contest Olivia Hatfield clucked to the tune of 'I believe I can fly." Another contestant in the 17 and up division, Mahesh Galal, gave a theatrical performance of a glimpse into a bullied chickens life.

The winners of the unique clucking contest were:

Peeps Ages 5 and Under

1st Place - Paisley
2nd Place - Rhyland Folsom
3rd Place (Tie) - Vance Payne and Ellisyn Gandy

Chicks Ages 6-11

1st Place - Zac Payne
2nd Place - Olivia Lowe
3rd Place - Shamiece

Pullets Ages 12-16

1st Place - Calyn Grammer
2nd Place - TJ Bolton
3rd Place - Marissa Crawford

Roosters and Hens 17 and Up

1st Place - Clayton Paul Windham
2nd Place - Katelyn Jackson
3rd Place (Tie) - B Addison And Olivia Hatfield