Across the Preacher’s Desk: Excuses

August 15, 2019 - No matter how hard they might try, there are some folks who just never seem to win a battle over an excuse. You promised yourself when you became a Christian and turned your life over to Jesus, that you would allow nothing to keep you from being in worship on the Lord’s Day.  Remember?​

You promised yourself that you would begin attending Bible Study on Sunday mornings. You resolved in your heart that you would attend the evening services on Sunday to grow stronger as a Christian. Did you? Yielding to excuses weakens and destroys character. It undermines every good principle and weakens every good motive.

​Excuses are silly little things, but ah, what a power they exercise. Many men become “spineless sissies” in dealing with excuses. They simply lack the courage to “fight it out”.

​You see, what you did was decide it wasn’t necessary to go to worship every Lord’s Day. It really wasn’t that important to attend the Bible Study or the evening services.   Someone actually told you those didn’t count anyway. Make up your mind. You see, you have already given up the fight and now play the role of defending your enemy, the excuse.

Excuses become handy little things to salve the conscience when we despise duty and seek to avoid it.  Stop making excuses. Live a life of obedience to the Lord and start today to live His kind of life.

It’s something to think about…..tbp

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