Across the Preacher’s Desk: Too Busy – Are You Sure?

September 3, 2020 - I read a story not long ago about a businessman, a man who was quite busy. He was harassed, discouraged, and overwhelmed with all the pressure he was under. He had deadlines to meet, projects to complete and a never-ending list of things he needed to take care of. Finally, in desperation, he decided to consult a psychiatrist. The good doctor immediately told him to slow down and work less. He also had some further instructions. He told the man to spend one hour every week in the cemetery. This puzzled the businessman and he immediately asked “why?" He was told to just go to the cemetery, look around and get to know some of the names of the permanent inhabitants located there. The doctor informed him that these people did not finish their work either. They went to the cemetery with tasks uncompleted. They had not accomplished all that they set out to do. No one does.

Are we in that story? Do we become so involved, obsessed, and burdened by the things of this life that we crowd the Lord out of our lives? Are we so “involved” with this world that we have no time to give faithful worship to God?

You see, some day, we will take time away from all the things that seem so important to us now – permanently. When we do, the world with go right on without us.

Perhaps it’s time to slow down and take the time to put God first in our lives.

It’s something to think about … tbp

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