Across the Preacher’s Desk: We Are Not Insects!

May 7, 2020 - Do you remember when the Children of Israel were at the gates of the Promised Land?  Moses chose 12 men to send to spy out the Promised Land. They looked the land over and came back with a majority report and a minority report. Both sides saw an "exceedingly great land."  It was a land that flowed with mild and honey.

The majority report was given and those 10 men said we cannot possess the land. We saw giants there and by comparison we were nothing more than grasshoppers. The minority report from Joshua and Caleb said they should go up at once and possess the land. Joshua and Caleb said “we can do it” while the majority said it was impossible.

Joshua and Caleb saw the giants and obstacles in the land through the lens of faith while the majority who saw themselves as grasshoppers saw things through the lens of doubt. As we face up to life and as we face the future, we must see the possibilities and not take stock of the problems. We must view the future with an eye of faith, knowing that the Lord will bless our efforts.

The controlling thought of Jesus was the possibilities of the individual. That is why he called us to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We must see ourselves in the light of faith and as a power for God. Never see yourself as an insect.

It’s something to think about…..tbp