Across the Preacher’s Desk: When We Disappoint

June 10, 2021 - After Simon had denied Jesus for the third time, Jesus looked at Simon. He didn’t say a word. He just looked at him. When Simon saw Jesus, he went out and wept. He wept bitterly.

I remember times when I would do things that disappointed my earthly father. Times when he didn’t say anything. He just looked at me with disappointment in his eyes. It was worse than any whipping he ever gave me (and I got my share of those!).

Let’s be honest, all of us from time to time disappoint those we love. Worse, we often make mistakes and disappoint the Lord who loves us and died for us. That’s what Paul was talking about when he wrote, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)

Some of our mistakes admittedly are quite trivial, even just plain dumb. Things like locking our keys in our car (sometimes with the motor running), forgetting to add sugar to the cranberry sauce (it does make it very tart) or walking into an electric fence.

However, there are other “mistakes” that are more significant. Things like heading down a path to addiction. Things like committing a crime or walking out on a spouse and children. However, all of our mistakes, from the momentarily annoying to the life altering can be washed away by the blood of Jesus. 

The one fatal mistake we can make is to ignore the fact that one day we will die and that Jesus is the only way to shun Hell and enter Heaven. That is one thing we must get right.

It’s something to think about… tbp

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