Across the Preacher’s Desk: Wishbones, Jawbones and Backbones

June 25, 2020 - The body is made up largely of bones, about 200 of them, classified as to shape. The church is also made up of bones, classified according to use. There are three kinds. First, wishbones. You know this kind. They wish for greater things in the church. They wish for larger attendance. They wish for more souls to be saved. Wishbones? They are languid and they are listless. The only thing they deny themselves is work and effort to make their wishes come true. They are sometimes referred to as “rocking chair” Christians.

Then there are the jawbones. Nothing slow or listless about this kind. They work up and down at great speed. They can criticize. They can gossip. They pick flaws. They tell how it should be done. They tell how it would be done if they were in charge. In their wake, follows dissension and discouragement. Verily, it takes a Samson to handle this class and turn them to some good use.

But the third class is the one we like to think of. They are the backbones. There is work to be done; the backbones do it. There are meetings to attend; the backbones are there. When the Saints assemble in their home congregation, the backbones are there to support their brothers and sisters and have fellowship with the saints. There is giving so the work might be carried on; the backbones are willing to sacrifice. Oh backbones! If we were poets, we would write about you! If we were singers, we would chant your praises! If we were artists, we would paint your lovely likeness! Being merely ordinary humans, we can only love and appreciate you. And we do!

It’s something to think about ... tbp

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