Across the Preacher's Desk: Hypocrites In The Church?

July 1, 2020 - There was a man once who had been a church member little more than a year. He was heard to say, “I must be losing my power of perception. I can’t find any of the hypocrites I used to see, looking in from the outside. Certainly, I see some with shortcomings and weaknesses, even like I have, but I cannot point out one person who is not serious and honest in his or her Christian endeavors. Could it be that I have acquired rose colored glasses?”

Our answer is, “No, your eyesight is really better than before. You are having an experience that is common to people who learn from inside that Christians are wonderful people. True, they are also human, but you can be sure that the  percentage of sincerity and honesty is decidedly higher in the church than among the best of people outside.”

Which reminds us: Can each of us be sure that his or her behavior sets a good example to outsiders? Is my light shining in such a way as to draw people into the church, or is it a stoplight that keeps them away?  Let’s ask ourselves, “If all the members of the church were like me, what would those outside the church think of the church?”

It’s something to think about… tbp

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