Across the Preacher's Desk: A Strange Christian

August 6, 2020 - Once upon a time there was a man who called himself a Christian, but he was indeed an unusual one.

On Monday, while at work, something went wrong. He forgot about God and cursed and swore, using the name of God freely.

On Tuesday, he heard some “juicy gossip” about a brother and passed it on to another without determining whether it was true or not. He even embellished the story and made it worse than before.

On Wednesday, making a business transaction, he saw an opportunity to take advantage of someone by misrepresenting an article and did so for a few dollars involved in the transaction.

On Thursday night, he went to a friend’s home for a little game of cards – he didn’t lose too much. Naturally, there was a cocktail or two and a couple of beers. “A cheap night’s entertainment”, he said.

On Friday, he became angry at everyone at work. They simply could not see things ought to be done his way, so he told them off.

On Saturday, the grocer made a mistake and failed to charge him for a pound of butter. He said that was their own fault.

On Sunday morning, he went to church and took part in the services – you know, the part where you sit in the pew and mutter that the services are too long, and the sermon is boring.

This man was indeed a strange Christian!

It’s something to think about … tbp

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