Across the Preacher's Desk: Is Worship a Criminal Offense?

April 23, 2020 - It is sometime in the future. (It could be fifty years from now, yet, based on the Draconian measures of some of our politicians during the “present distress” it could be later this year or perhaps next year).  You are huddled with a small group, having met in a secret place so the authorities will not find out. Heads are bowed and someone is whispering a prayer. You are at a worship service.  Earlier you had sung a few hymns, softly, so no one outside could hear. Several prayers had been uttered, you had partaken of the communion, served out of a kitchen dish and sour grape juice in a coffee cup. You had gathered one by one so no one would suspect that a worship service was going on and call the authorities.  You can vividly remember, in earlier years and happier times when you had heard men pray, “We thank Thee, Father, that we live in this free country where we can worship together without fear of molestation.” Oh, how you wish those prayers could be prayed now.

How did it happen? Over the years, leaders had been elected who had no respect for God. Then, one day, a horrific virus threatened the land and there were some in authority who saw their opportunity.  Public worship services were banned in the name of public safety. We must not gather in groups of more than 10 we were told. We could not even gather in groups of 10 in some places. You can gather at the liquor store, but not for worship. People were arrested and fined for even attending outdoor services and remaining in their automobiles.

No shots were fired, no bombs fell, but that’s how practicing Christianity in America became a crime.

It’s something to think about ... tbp