Center ISD Board of Trustees Notice of Regular Meeting, Sept. 16th Agenda

September 14, 2021 - A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Center Independent School District will be held on Thursday, September 16, 2021 beginning at 12:00 noon in the Center Independent School District Board Room 107 Private Road 605, Center, TX 75935.

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below.

Items do not have to be taken the same order as shown on this meeting notice.

1. Call Meeting to Order and Establish a Quorum
2. Invocation and Pledges of Allegiance
3. Public Comments/Audience Participation
4. Recognition of Keyshawn McCollister, Roughrider Academy Graduate
5. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes
2. Tax Office Report
3. Monthly Financial Statement
4. Payment Approval
5. Investment Report
6. Quarterly Investment Report
7. Overnight Student Activity Trips
8. Amendments to the Budget

6. Consideration and Approval to Authorize Administration to Solicit Bids for E-Rate Related Telecommunication Services
7. Consideration and Approval of the Acceptable Use Policy
8. Consideration and Approval of the Cyber Security Policy
9. Consideration and Approval to Use Alternate 7th Grade Reading Instruments Waiver
10. Consideration and Approval of Remote Homebound Instruction Waiver
11. Consideration to Approve the 2021-2022 T-TESS Certified Appraisers
12. Consider Awarding Grounds Maintenance (Mowing Services) Contract
13. Consideration to Approve the Resolution for the Shelby County 4-H Organization to be
Sanctioned as an Extracurricular Activity
14. Consideration to Approve the Adjunct Faculty Agreement with Texas A&M and Shelby County
AgriLife Extension Service
15. Consideration to Approve the Sale of Properties Due to Non-Payment of Taxes
16. Consideration and Approval of 2021-2022 Goals
17. Appoint Delegate and Alternate Delegate TASA/TASB Conference 2021
18. Discussion and Possible Action to Remove the Stadium Seat Backs from the Stadium
19. Review Bond Project and Budget
20. Superintendent's Report
21. Closed Session

1. Resignation/Retirement of Personnel
2. Employment of Personnel
3. Extended Emergency Sick Leave

22. Open Session

1. Resignation/Retirement of Personnel
2. Employment of Personnel
3. Extended Emergency Sick Leave

23. Adjournment