Center ISD Board of Trustees Unofficial Minutes of June 13th Regular Meeting

June 19, 2018 - A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Center Independent School District (CISD) was held on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 beginning at 12:00 p.m. at Center Independent School District Administrative Office Building located at 107 Private Road 605 in Center, Texas 75935.

1. Call Meeting to Order and Establish a Quorum - Matthew Mettauer called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. and declared a quorum.

Present: John Henry Holloway; Greg Hubbard; Allison Johnson; Daphne LaRock; Casey Lout; Matthew Mettauer; Brett Scarber; Betty McDaniel, Director of Finance and James Hockenberry, Superintendent

Absent: None

Visitors: Teresa Anderson, Special Services Director; Mike Brister; David Golden, McKinley/Golden Architects; Jake Henson, CMS Principal; Malcom McKinley, McKinley/Golden Architects; Teresa Richard, Director of Instruction and Response to Intervention; Linda Snell, Special Programs Director; Kevin Swor, CHS Agriculture Teacher and Doug Whitt, SAMCO Financials

2. Invocation and Pledges of Allegiance - John Henry Holloway led the invocation and Brett Scarber led the Pledges of Allegiance.

3. Public Comments/Audience Participation - None

4. Bond Pre-Sale Discussion - Doug Whitt provided the Board and Dr. Hockenberry with a review of the bond pre-sale expectations, Center ISD’s most recent bond rating, the plan of finance, the overview of the timing and the preliminary Bond Program analysis.

5. Consider to Adopt a Resolution Allowing for Reimbursement of Project Costs That May Be Incurred Prior to Receipt of the Bond Proceeds - A motion was made by John Henry Holloway, seconded by Brett Scarber to adopt a resolution allowing for reimbursement of project costs that may be incurred prior to receipt of the bond proceeds. The motion carried 7-0.

6. Presentation by McKinley/Golden Architects - David Golden provided the Board with a slide show of the two designs for FLM and the parking and driveway improvements at CES. Board members received a master design and construction schedule.

7. Consent Agenda - A motion was made by Casey Lout, seconded by Greg Hubbard to approve the consent agenda consisting of the minutes from the regular meeting on May 10, 2018, special called meeting on May 14, 2018 and May 21, 2018; Tax Office Report (May 2018); Financial Reports (May 2018); Investment Report (May 2018); payment approvals over $50,000; Overnight -Student Activity Trips; Annual Review of FFG and 2018-2019 Concussion Oversight Team and Concussion Management Protocols. The motion carried 7-0.

8. Consideration to Approve 2018-2019 District Goals - A motion was made by Allison Johnson, seconded by Daphne LaRock to approve the 2018- 2019 District goals and objectives as presented. The motion carried 7-0. 

9. End of the Year Summative of Literacy Data - The Board received a summary of the end of the year literacy data for 2017-2018 demonstrating the local instrument literacy data numbers are trending up. 

10. Presentation of Available STAAR Testing Results - The Board reviewed the STAAR test results for 5th grade math and reading, 8th grade math and reading, CHS Spring EOC and Roughrider Academy. The other STAAR scores will be presented as soon as possible.

11. Consideration and Approval to Authorize Administration to Solicit Proposals for Transportation Fuel for 2018-2019 School Year - A motion was made by Casey Lout, seconded by Daphne LaRock to authorize Administration to solicit proposals for transportation fuel for 2018-2019 school year. The motion carried 7-0. 

12. Appoint Delegate and Alternate Delegate TASA/TASB Conference 2018 - Allison Johnson was appointed as the delegate and Casey Lout as the alternate delegate for the upcoming TASA/TASB Conference 2018.

13. Schedule Budget Workshop - A budget workshop will be scheduled on Monday, June 18, 2018 at noon.

14. Closed Session - Matthew Mettauer called for a closed session at 12:53 p.m. under Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.074 and §551.129 for consideration of resignation/retirement of personnel, employment of personnel, extended emergency sick leave, 2017-2018 Superintendent Evaluation, Superintendent contract, job descriptions and real property.

Daphne LaRock left the meeting at 1:59 p.m.

15. Open Session - The Board returned into open session at 2:03 p.m. No action was taken in closed session. 

15.1 District Employees and Officers: Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.074 and §551.129

15.1.1 Resignation/Retirement of Personnel - A motion was made by Allison Johnson, seconded by Brett Scarber to accept the resignations/retirements as recommended by Superintendent Hockenberry. The motion carried 6-0.

Sharon Johnson, Maintenance/Transportation Admin. Assistant - retirement 
Johnny Wallace, FLM Maintenance – Retirement
Ian Angelo, CMS Teacher/Coach - Resignation
Kristie Devers, CMS Teacher - Resignation Center 
Montana Duncan, CHS Teacher/Coach - Resignation
Jessica Gipson, CIS Teacher - Resignation
Kimberly Harvey, CIS Teacher - Resignation
David McGarvey, CMS Teacher/Coach - Resignation
Justin Richter, CMS Teacher/Coach - Resignation

15.1.2 Employment of Personnel - A motion was made by Allison Johnson, seconded by Brett Scarber to approve the employment of personnel as recommended by Superintendent Hockenberry. The motion carried 6-0.

Michaelle Cocker, Science Teacher – Center High School
Maegan Haddox, Teacher- Center Elementary School 
Colton Ingram, Teacher/Coach - Center High School 
Rani Jamison, Teacher/Coach - Center Middle School 
Jordan Latrache, Teacher/Coach - Center Middle School 
Ronald Marks, III, Teacher/Coach - Center High School 
Rachel Molandes, Art Teacher - Center Middle School 
Katrina Richardson, 4th Grade Teacher - Center Intermediate School

15.1.3 Extended Emergency Sick Leave - There were no extended emergency sick leave requests to be considered by the Board.

15.1.4 2017-2018 Superintendent Evaluation - There was no action taken regarding the Superintendent’s evaluation.

15.1.5 Superintendent Contract - A motion was made by Casey Lout, seconded by Brett Scarber to approve an extension of the Superintendent’s contract until June 30, 2021. The motion carried 6-0.

15.1.6 Job Descriptions - A motion was made by John Henry Holloway, seconded by Casey Lout to authorize the job descriptions as presented by Superintendent Hockenberry. The motion carried 6-0.

15.2 Real Property: Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.072 and §551.129 - There was no action taken regarding the real property.

16. Adjournment - A motion was made by Casey Lout, seconded by Allison Johnson to adjourn the meeting at 2:06 p.m. The motion carried 6-0.