Center ISD Extends Closure to April 24th

All Cancelled

March 31, 2020 - In an effort to keep our students engaged in learning, it is time to plan for another two week cycle of instructional delivery. After meeting with the campus principal's, directors, and school board, we have devised the following:

  • CISD will remain closed through Friday, April 24th.
  • (Cancelled) Students and parents can return and receive instructional materials on Monday, April 6. The how, when, and where will be scheduled by campus principals.
  • Spring Break (April 13-17) will occur as scheduled. CISD will be completely closed except for cleaning purposes. 
  • HS graduation is still scheduled, however, it may have to be postponed for obvious reasons

It is very possible the Governor will extend school closure longer than April 24; however, our plan to deliver instruction should remain intact. 

Arnie Kelley
Interim Superintendent
Center ISD