Center Middle School Awards (Video)

June 4, 2019 - Center Middle School Awards Day took place on May 22, 2019. Among the awards given were Teacher Awards, UIL Awards, President’s Award, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, BETA, JCC top volunteers, Principal’s Award and Jobe Award. Principal Jake Henson presented awards to numerous students and among those were prestigious awards, including the Jobe Award, Principal’s Award and the first Audrianna Lexie Jones Award.

The Audrianna Lexie Jones was a very special award. This year CMS lost a very special, kind hearted and hardworking young lady. Her impact on the campus is impossible to put into words, but it is very evident that the time she spent at CMS meant so much to so many. She was loved by students and staff alike. She treated everyone as if they were her best friend. She exhibited kindness and friendship to all. She had a huge smile and an even bigger heart. This award will be an annual award to a 7th grade student and in order to receive this award, a student will be nominated by a 7th grade teacher for exhibiting the following characteristics: being kind, positive, happy, caring towards other students, committed, hardworking, honest, dependable, respectful, and have a tremendous work ethic, a yes sir, yes ma’am attitude, a positive influence and a big smile! Once nominated a committee of 7th grade teachers will choose the best candidate. This year’s nominees for the Audrianna Lexie Jones Award were Carson Crouch, Colby Lout, Karen Cordoba, Lanaijha Johnson, Janelle Lugo and Gabby Whisenant. The winner of this year’s award went to Gabby Whisenant.

Principal Jake Henson gave his awards to two outstanding students. The first Principal Award went to a young lady who is very quiet but unassuming with a terrific smile. She is caring and wants to help others, has a tremendous work ethic and is very positive. She embodies all the qualities CMS wants to have our students to possess, is hard-working in class and is a friend to others. Ru Tah is the recipient of the first Principal Award.

The second Principal Award went to a very respectful and kind-hearted young man. He is a rarity among his peers and is always respectful, kind, and compassionate towards others. He offers his help to his classmates with the same diligence as he does with office staff. He is always willing to help those around him and does so every day at CMS. He is a great representative of our school. This award was presented to Alberto Lopez.

The Lyndon Jobe Award was presented to a student making the biggest improvement since their arrival on the CMS campus. She has grasped the CMS motto of GiveMe5 and pushed to achieve what she never thought possible. This award was given to Princess Bell.

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