Christmas Comes Early to Angels at Center ES


December 17, 2014 - This school year, Center High School has grouped its students into Rider REC classes. Each group has Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The groups are formed so that each individual student gets the care and support that they need. As Christmas grew nearer, each Rider REC class was challenged to do a community service project. We, the students of Mr. Haddox's Rider REC group, decided to give back to our own community by sponsoring an Angel Tree.

Every member of our team came together to cut angels, make signs, tie ribbons, and more. We received a total of 120 names of students from OUR community, 6-9 year olds, who may not be receiving presents this year. We tied 120 angels to a Christmas tree and had it at CHS for students and teachers to sponsor. The angels were adopted almost exclusively by the seniors and juniors of CHS. It is amazing how great the students of CHS are! In less than a week, the students of our school volunteered to buy presents for 120 children from OUR OWN community!

We are so grateful to have been the sponsors of this successful event! 120 kids from our community have been helped! This is just one of the many service projects that CHS has done over the last month. Our school is proud to give back to the community. Thank you to all of those who helped us make this possible. Giving back is truly what Christmas is all about.