City of Tenaha Governing Body Notice of Meeting, Nov. 23 Agenda

November 20, 2020 - The Tenaha City Council will meet in a Regular City Council Meeting on Monday, November 23, 2020 at 5:30 pm, Tenaha, Texas.

Face mask are required to enter the building and designated seating will be provided due to social distancing.

The following items are on the agenda for appropriate action:

1. Call to Order:

2. Roll Call: To establish a quorum. 

3. Invocation:

4. Pledge: United States Pledge

5. Citizens Input: This time is provided for members of the public to address the City Council on items that appear within the Consent and Action Items or a matter not listed on the agenda.  Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes.  A Citizens Input Form may be filled out and filed with the City Secretary prior to the meeting.  

6. Department Head Reports:

a. Public Works Report
b. Municipal Court Report
c. Police Department Report
d. City Secretary Report
e. Fire Department Report - The new fire trucks will be on display beginning at 4pm.

7. Consent Agenda: Items included under the Consent Agenda require little or no deliberation by the Council. Approval of the Consent Agenda authorizes the City Secretary to proceed with the conclusion of each item as reflected in the Minutes of this meeting. 

a. Consider approval of the Minutes from the Regular Meeting held on Monday October 26, 2020.  
b. Scheduling Next Month’s meeting for Monday December 28, 2020 at 5:30 pm. 

Regular Agenda Item(s) (8-11) 

8. Discuss and take action: Discuss and Consider approving the October 2020 Financials. 

9. Discuss and take action: Declare January as School Board Recognition Month. 

10. Discuss and take action:  Designate a person to serve as the emergency management coordinator. Tex. Gov’t Code §418.1015.

11. Discuss and take action: Discuss and Consider accepting the contract with Zachary McClary an Associate with Fairchild, Price, Haley & Smith L.L.P to represent The City of Tenaha as their City Attorney. 

12. Executive Session

Recess into executive session pursuant to Chapter 551, Subchapter D of the Texas Government Code:

Executive Session Agenda:

Pending or contemplated litigation related to Case No. 2:08-CV-00288-JRG, Morrow, et al. V. Washington, et al.

End of Executive Session

Reconvene into open session and take any action necessary because of the Executive Session.

13. Discuss setting the time and date for “Santa’s Workshop” Downtown for Saturday December 19, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

14. Council Items: Reports by the members of the City Council on matters not on the agenda will be made at this time.

15. Adjourn.

The Council reserves the right to retire into executive session concerning any of the items listed on this agenda whenever it is considered necessary and is legally justified under the Open Meetings Act. 

The agenda is posted as required under Government Code Section 551.041. For more information or for a copy of the open meetings act, please contact the Attorney General of Texas at 1-800-252-8011 or the City Secretary at 936-248-3841. 

Amanda Treat, City Secretary