County Clerk Advises Hundreds of Ballots Are in the Mail; View Sample Ballots

October 5, 2020 (Printable sample ballot- October 1st, the County Clerk's office mailed out almost 700 ballots that were requested to be mailed. So if you have requested a ballot to be mailed to you, be on the lookout!

Remember, the deadline to request a ballot by mail is October 23, 2020. You may only request a ballot by mail if you are over 65, disabled, or expected to be out of the county during the Early Voting period and Election Day. Unfortunately, being weary of Covid-19 is not considered a disability. However, if you are susceptible to Covid due to a weakened immune system, you can come to the voting location and we will be more than happy to allow you to vote curb side, meaning we will bring your ballot out to your vehicle.

Also, please note, you may bring your mail ballots and turn them in in person to the Shelby County Clerk's Office at 124 Austin St, Center, TX, 75935. You must bring your own ballot in, present your ID, and sign a form to prove that you turned your ballot in. If you do not wish to bring it in, you may still mail it as always.

The last day to register to vote is Monday, October 5, 2020. You may register at the Tax Office at the Shelby County Courthouse, 200 San Augustine St, Center, TX 75935.

Attached below is the Sample Ballot along with the list of Declared Write In candidates that may be written in on the ballot. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the County Clerk's Office at 936-598-6361.

Click here to see the sample ballot.

Click here to view the list of Write In Candidates.