Delta Kappa Gamma Members Attend Area 1 Workshop in Frankston

L to R - Carolyn Hooker, Nora Robinson, Maggie Bowden, Sue Carter, and President Fannie Watson

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when 5 of Delta Kappa Gamma members left for the Area 1 workshop in Frankston. Upon arrival, they were greeted by old friends that they had not seen for a while. The group enjoyed looking around at the Frankston Elementary campus and the principal was scurrying around assuring all was prepared for their adventure that day.

A variety of fruit, breakfast casseroles and other treats were spread out for Area 1 attendees' dining pleasure in the cafeteria. It was decorated with small gardening bags and pots of miniature roses honoring the Delta Kappa Gamma flower. Throughout the rooms that were used were framed inspirational quotes. All these decorations were given away as door prizes at the end of the day so that everyone went home with a special memory of the day.

Area 1 Coordinator, Belinda Lowrance gave an inspirational speech and mentioned all the chapters winning honors this past year. Of course Delta Gamma was recognized for most of the awards. Andi Kirby gave greetings from Alpha state. Center's own, Carolyn Hooker, helped with the opening ceremony by singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

The morning was divided into 4 sections with Delta Kappa Gamma President Fannie Watson attending the Presidents group and the others attending other sections to glean information for the upcoming year. Instead of sections for each committee or job, many subjects were combined into each section, just as many of the members hold down more than one job or committee so no one missed important information. There were 5-6 speakers in each section on a rotating basis so all were given information quickly and efficiently, many using tri- fold sheets to give updates and important cues. Technology reminded us that all forms are on the international or state websites which are a wealth of information. Overall, it was a very informative, yet, refreshing day to help Delta Kappa Gamma have a great year in their meetings.