DRT Recognizes Texas Heroes Day, Texian Navy Day

September 18, 2015Texas Heroes Day (September 18)

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas recognize Texas military heroes on September 18. The DRT has designated this day to honor and preserve the memory of the volunteer soldiers who died defending the Republic and to pay tribute to the men and women of the military, both past and present, who serve Texas. As for the Republic military, special emphasis is placed on honoring those who died in the Mier Expedition and the Dawson Massacre.

On September 18, 1842, 36 volunteer Texas soldiers were killed on the field of battle in the Dawson Massacre, a battle that took place near Salado Creek, a few miles northeast of San Antonio, during a second invasion of the Mexican army. Three survivors escaped to tell the story and 15 others were taken prisoner by Mexican soldiers and marched to Perote Prison in Veracruz, Mexico.

Texian Navy Day (3rd Saturday in September)

In September 1835, the first naval engagement of the Texas Revolution occurred near Velasco. In that engagement between a Texian privateer, the San Felipe, and a Mexican war schooner, the Correo, the Mexican ship was forced to unconditionally surrender, given the Texian the victory.