FUMC Joaquin Presents Teresa Richenberger

January 20, 2020 - Sold to the Highest Bidder: The Teresa Richenberger Story

First United Methodist Church in Joaquin has invited Teresa Richenberger to speak at the 10:30am service Sunday, January 26. Teresa has not only written a book, she has lived the life of an Exotic Dancer and experienced the life that would be perfect movie material, except it’s not a pretty story. It is raw and often tough to hear. 

As a teenager, she began to feel hopelessness, as lots of teenagers do. Teresa began a life that would spiral out of control and cause countless problems and dangerous situations. She’s the only one who could put into words what happened because she lived it for over 10 years on the streets of towns and cities in East Texas. 

From shame and guilt to freedom and confidence, her story brings hope to many. God did a might work in her life and she now speaks often to teens and young adults in need of her transforming story. All are welcome at the service and we especially invite young adults, both men and women.